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The Bird Cage 6: The Legend Returns


Wednesday, 13th June 2018


Workout B

• Usual warm-up.
• dB incline press: 3 sets with 25 kg (18,13 & 11, and then an extra 8 to make the total 50)
• Back squat: ramped up to 3 x (5 x 90 kg). And one set of 2 x (10 x 80kg), with a mini-brake in between “mini-sets”
• Supersetted 5 sets: pull-ups (6 reps) with dips (8 reps). Finished off shoulder shocker.

Well thats most likely my last gym session for 2 weeks. Im off to Taipei for a vacation. My hotel has a gym, but Im not sure if I will use it. If I do, it will be just a bunch of higher rep superset stuff to get the “blood moving”.

Incline bench was good, and because it was my last session I did an extra set to make it to 50 reps.
Squats felt good today. Im a little disappointed that I have not made much progress in terms of weight for squats, but considering Im someone who used to fall over in pain whenever I even thought of squats, Im happy with what I have achieved. My legs feel stronger and my technique I believe has improved.

BJJ has been really good lately. Im almost a little disappointed that my vacation is starting tomorrow. Although I have learnt that sometimes its best to take a break when you feel are on top of things, as thats when I sometimes push the limits and injure something.

When I come back Ill more than likely start a new program. Not sure what, so Im open for suggestions. Ill do my bets to check in over the next 2 weeks.

Now… Im off to watch the world cup, eat fried chicken and drink bubble tea. Take care bird watchers!!