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The Bird Cage 2. Aviar Dreams

They said he was too old.
Too slow. Too weak. A has been. Passed his time.

Well… somebody forgot to tell him.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the return of the most anticipated and requested training log of all time…

…welcome to THE BIRD CAGE 2; AVIAR DREAMS!!!

A new town. A new team. New goals.
More pictures. More videos. More heavy ass weight.
Bonus interviews. Exculusive stories. More insight into theBird’s adventures and triumphs.

Tighten your seatbelts… the ride is about to begin.

Officially starting tomorrow.


Somebody definitely forgot to tell you to take your meds.

“Fuck all of you who said I wouldn’t make it
Who said I was a loser
They said I was a no-one
They said I was a fuckin’ psycho
But look at me now:
All up on the interweb”

Your lifts suck, therefore the “more heavy ass weight” line is false advertisement

[quote]theBird wrote:
A new team.[/quote]

You get fired or something?

Wait, can you get fired from semi-amateur-little-league-intramural-women’s soccer?

By the way, who the fuck are you anyways?

NewAdventure and Achilles of war; Haters gonna hate.

Howie424; Im the theBird, and who the hell are you?


Good evening friends,

Welcome to my first official post in my new training log. First of all I would like to welcome you all back to the “cage” and hope your ready for another season! Most of you would know I have moved to a new town for work and lifestyle reasons, and hence have changed soccer teams. Im still playing in the same league.

This years “Bird Cage” will, as promised, feature more picture and videos! I have decided on a different format to last years “cage”. This year I will also feature my diet, all weights will be in kilograms, and you can all look foward to a training music video compilation once a month!

For those that are new, let me do an introduction; Im theBird, 29 year old, semi-pro soccer player. My goals are to be the ultimate player. This year I will be paying a little more attention to conditioning, as that was my weakness last season. As I have been in my new town for just 2 days, my exact training schedule has not been announced, but I plan to post up a review of it after a couple of weeks, once I got my feet on the ground running with organising gym memberships etc.

Lets do this…


Tonights training was with the team. Involved some quick feet, skill work with the ball, some shooting and a small sided game. Im happy with the new team, lots of young players, that will help me keep my mind and feet quick. The intensity in training is somewhat lacking, so I plan to add my own sprint session at the end of tuesday training. Tonight I decided not to sprint as I am slowly working my legs back into training, been careful regarding some re-occuring left foot planta fasciaitis and achilles tendonitis. Icing was performed afterwards. And elmore oil rubbed in before bed.


7:30am: Oats with mixed berries, 4 boiled eggs, 10 cashews, flat white coffee.
11:30am: 200 grams of tuna, peanut butter protein ball, 10 cashews, flat white coffee.
3:00pm: Chicken sammich
5:00pm(pretraining): 2 scoops of whey, 2 tablespoons of natty pb, small slice of “apple slice”
7:30pm(posttrianing): t-bone steak, 3 “cevapis”(a type of sausage), 3 roma tomatoes, banana and about 10 brazil nuts.



Wednesday, 21st March 2012.


A former work colleague was nice enough to go on a ride with me around the town, showing me the bike paths. It was an easy 20km ride. I treated it as a recovery ride, as the legs were still a bit sore from previous nights soccer training. It is going to take me 3-4 weeks before I decide on the bike path I will use. Im going to look for a route that is about 40km, and will try to ride it twice a week and race against the clock. I need to also find some steep hills for some hill climb repeats, although that wont be hard to find.

In the gym for a chest and back session. The gym was a new one to me, and I struggled getting comfortable with the barbell. Just didnt feel right, and I couldnt lift as heavy as I planned.

warm up including rotator cuff band work

barbell bench
warm up sets
preworking set
3 x 100 kg
working sets
3 x 105 kg
2.5 x 105 kg (ego reality check! Im blaming the weird feeling barbell for my weakness)
3 x 100 kg
3 x 100 kg
3 x 100 kg

Supersetted pull-ups with chin-ups

Supersetted db flat bench press with incline bench press, using 22.5 kgs.
10, 8

dB rows
10 x 35 kg each side
10 x 35 kg
8 x 35 kg

seated rows
3 sets of 12 on number “7”

supersetted leg raises with gladiator rows
12, 20
12, 20
10, 16

supersetted facepulls with pushups
12, 12
12, 12
12, 12


6:00am; pre ride coffee, apple slice and some brazil nuts
8:00am; oats with berries, 5 boiled eggs, flat white coffee.
11:30am: 200grams of tuna, protein bar, and a handful of cashew nuts
2:00pm; pretraining meal of coffee, 2 scoops of whey, and apple slice
4:30pm; post training spearmint milk shake and some brazil nuts
7:00pm; oven cooked salmon and sweet potato, drizzled with some olive oil, 2 slices of cheese (had also planned some spinach salad, but my fridge was too cold and froze all of my veges and ruined them!)


didnt you move into the outback? watch out for those dingos and rabid koalas, mate. bonza

[quote]caveman101 wrote:
didnt you move into the outback? watch out for those dingos and rabid koalas, mate. bonza[/quote]

I moved to a coastal town, 400km from my home city. The town has a population of 50,000, so it does have a country/outback feeling to it.

I havent seen any dingos yet, and koalas are generally friendly. On the road you have to watch out for kangaroos and emus. Did you knw that for thousands of years Aborigines used emu oil for muscle aches, sore joints and inflammation. What a wonderful bird!


Thursday, 22nd March 2012



Hit the gym for some legs.

Agile 8.

Elevated back leg split squats
10 x bar each leg
10 x 30kg
10 x 40kg
5 x 60kg (these were tough, need to work on the balance, especially with my left leg!)
5 x 60kg
5 x 60kg

Single leg barbell deadlifts
10 x bar
10 x 30kg
10 x 30kg (need to work on technique and balance and weight should shoot up)

walking dumbell lunges
3 sets of 20 step using 17.5kg dBs (should be able to progress to 20kg’s next week)


Went to team soccer training. A scratch match was planned for tonight between ourselves, but for some reason there was no warm up and we went straight into the game. Hence I struggled with my left foot plantar fasciaitis. I really got to go and see someone regarding this.

Sometimes its the heel that hurts, some times its the planta fascia that hurts… but anyway I some how got to get this into control. I have my foot in ice water as I type this.
Played ok, but I was reserved and didnt run as much as I should of as I didnt want to aggrevate the foot anymore. :frowning:


7:30am; oats with berries, 4 boiled eggs, 2 slices of smoked salmon
9:00am; preworkout meal of protein shake and handful of brazil nuts
11:00am; postworkout meal of 200 grams terriyaki chicken and 2 cups if rice, flat white coffee
2:00pm; 200 grams of tuna, broccoli and corn, 3 plums, some brazil nuts, green tea
5:00pm: 0.4L of cookies and cream icecream (oops. I woke up from a nap in a zombie state and raided the fridge. I really got to to stop doing that! I should eat way more for my post workout meal after legs!)
6:00pm: pretraining meal of coffee and more brazil nuts
9:00pm: baked salmon and sweet potato, spinach salad with capsicum and pine nuts. Im really craving a beer but had none in my fridge, I suppose thats a good thing…



I’m slightly curious as to what kind of bird you are? I always pictured you as an emu since you’re Australian and all, but as far as I know emus don’t tweet.

[quote]hastalles wrote:
I’m slightly curious as to what kind of bird you are? I always pictured you as an emu since you’re Australian and all, but as far as I know emus don’t tweet.[/quote]

Thanks for the link. I have implemented Kelly’s technique, and I have found some serious tight spots high up in my calf. For the next few days Im going to try and minimise the impact on my feet and hopefully it will be back to normal by Monday.

What kind of bird am I? Im not sure, but I represent the fighting spirit and soaring freedom of all birds.


Saturday, 24th March 2012.

Friday night was spent at my bosses house where I drank 6 beers, a bottle of red and 2 scotch and cokes. So I took Friday off training, but in true NickSamaras style I pushed through and did some training today. Ankle is feeling better, although I think Im going to look into strapping it and Im going to have to come up with a stretching and icing schedule to keep it all under control…


Went for a steady 25km bike ride. Found myself a new route that should be fun and safe, although Im going to try and slowly ramp up to about 40km. Found an awesome app called “cardio trainer” for my android that measure my speed, distance and provides a map of my speed over time. Will try and transfer the graphs onto my future log entries.


7:30am; oats and berries, 4 boiled eggs, 2 slices of smoked salmon, about 10 brazil nuts
11:00am; 200 grams of tuna, and a flat white coffee
12:30pm; curry chicken and 1.5 cups of rice
3:00pm; pre-ride meal of coffee and some brazil nuts, and some natty pb
4:30pm; post ride meal of “endura” electrolyte drink and some more natty pb
7:00pm; t-bone steak, 6 cevapi sausages, 1.5 cups of rice, some spinach and 1 red capsicum
9:00pm; will probably have a whey shake and some natty pb before bed.


Bird, take this as constructive because I’m not saying it to be a jerk:

My little sister is 5’2" and like [EDIT: typo] 115lbs or so. She runs for 30 minutes a day. She eats a lot more than you.

You really should consider eating a lot more. Or at least some more. Just try eating more for like a few weeks and see what it does for you.

[quote]The3Commandments wrote:
My little sister is 5’2" and like 155lbs or so. She runs for 30 minutes a day. She eats a lot more than you.
You really should consider eating a lot more. Or at least some more. Just try eating more for like a few weeks and see what it does for you.[/quote]

Yer I probably do need to eat more. What do you suggest? Another meal of meat and rice in there somewhere.

Although I dont really want to put on any more extra weight, as I think the weight that I am at is contributing to my tendonitis in my ankle. I also need to improve my speed and agility.

For the record im 6’1 and weigh between 93-95 kg.


Following your progress big guy. Throw up some pics, see where your physique is at since your RMP thread from forever ago.

And I have to agree with T3C, you should probably be eating more. With lifting, PLUS soccer games and practices, i’d assume you’d be eating like a Blackagger or something. lol

[quote]Spidey22 wrote:
Throw up some pics, see where your physique is at since your RMP thread from forever ago.

And I have to agree with T3C, you should probably be eating more.[/quote]

Hey cuz. Here is an updated pic. Im about 5kg lighter than what I was in my RMP pics. You have to remember my goal isnt to get massive, but to be the ultimate soccer player. Endurance and agility are important, and that doesnt always go hand in hand with been massive. I suppose if I get aesthetic at the same time then it is a bonus.

I think I will try and eat more. Ive tried reducing carbs except for post workout and have cut out alot of wheat, but to tell you the truth I dont think it has made much difference. So I think I will start eating more, including carbs.


Sunday 25th March 2012.

Today I spent about an hour driving around my new town looking for a park where I can go to do my skill sessions. All I need is some soft grass and a wall to kick the ball against. I did find one suitable spot, but it was at a school and there were heaps of “stay of school grounds at all times” signs around. So it looks like I will have to my skill training at my new teams ground. Hopefully the grass softens up a bit.


Felt a little crappy today. Tired from my first week in town. Was tempted to do a skill session with the ball, but I could still feel a bit of irritation in my left ankle so I thought an extra day rest wont hurt it.

Agile 8
Rotator cuff warm up

Standing overhead press
Ramped up to my working set
5 x 60kg
3 x 65kg (ego check!)
5 x 60kg
5 x 60kg
5 x 60kg

dumbell overhead press
3 sets of 8 using 20kg dumbells (I think using 20kg is a bit too much, form was shit, next week Illl drop it down to 17.5 or 15 and try for sets of 10)

neutral grip chin-ups
3 sets of 5 with 12.5kg(next week I should try it with 15)

front plank for 90 seconds
side planks for 60 seconds each side
3 sets of 12 of leg raises(getting better at these)

4 sets of 12 of facepulls (to keep the shoulders happy)

Iced my ankle


Sunday is tradionally my cheat day, although I cheated Friday night with the alcohol. Anyway todays nutrition wasnt the best, but atleast Im eating more like T3C and Spidey said to…

7:00am; oats and berries, 5 boiled eggs, 3 slices of smoked salmon, some almonds, coffee.
10:00am: a spinach and riccotta pie from Jesters!
12:30pm: teriyaki chicken and rice from the Japanese store
2:00pm: coffee and half a bag of licorice, and some almonds (preworkout?)
4:00pm: post work out meals of whey shake, the other half of the licorice bag, and some almonds
7:00pm: chicken, sweet potato, mushroom, red capsicum on rice, pepsi max, and some more f^%$%& almonds.
9:00Pm: might have a why shake and maybe a slice of cheese before I go to bed?


Monday, 26th March 2012.

Welcome back bird watchers!

For those who have just joined us I would like to point out that I have moved to a new town and have been here for a week now, and thats why my training seems to be all over the place at the moment until I can find a new routine that is going to fit in with my new place of dwelling…


Woke up a little late, so my bike ride was cut short to 22km, at an average of 30km/hr. Planning to ramp this up to 40km eventually, 3 times a week. Been off the bike for awhile now, and I had forgoten how tough it can be. I have lost alot of bike fitness… looking foward to getting it back! Iced my ankle while eating breakfast.

Went to try “hot yoga” in town… and it was crap. As many of you know Im a fan of bikram yoga once or twice a week to keep hamstrings lengthened and the back mobile. Unfortunatley this new place take on bikram is all wrong. The poses were only done once and they werent done for long enough. The room was too small and we were all nearly sitting on top of each other. Im dissapoint!

I think I will have to purchase some yoga DVDs… there is meant to be one good for athletes. Anyone have any suggestions? I like to do yoga on my off days. Looks like I will have to try some dvds and do more foam rolling and agile 8.


7:00am; preride instant coffee, and some almonds
8:30am; oats and berries, 4 boiled eggs, instant coffee
11:00am; leftovers chicken, sweet potato, mushroom and capsicum stew, and a flat white coffee
1:30pm; pork belly, spinach, chick peas and green beans salad
4:00pm; low carb protein bar and coconut water
6:00pm; lots of almonds, and a couple of tablespoons of natty pb
8:00pm: t bone steak, 4 cevapi on 1 cup of rice, pepsi max
9:30pm: might have a whey shake and some natty pb before bed.