▶️ The Bikini Champion's Leg Workout

Don’t let anyone fool you. A leg workout of nothing but bodyweight and booty-band exercises is a social media gimmick. And those who sell these programs often won’t admit they built their own legs from years of heavy lifting.

Luckily, Nathalia Melo-Wilson – Ms. Bikini Olympia 2012 champion – is setting the record straight with the exercises she uses to build and maintain her physique. Here are five proven classics that work.

Andrew Coates & Nathalia Melo-Wilson
Narrated by Dani Shugart

00:00 The Bikini Champion’s Leg Workout
00:10 Heel-Elevated Squat
00:28 Romanian Deadlift
00:49 Bulgarian Split Squat
01:18 B-Stance Hip Thrust
01:35 Step-Up

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How come there is always such a difference in female vs male leg days? You’ll never see a big dudes leg day look like this and you’ll never see a chicks leg day that looks like most big dudes leg days.

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I would imagine it’s because male competitors have a few significant differences to their female counterparts, both in physiology and in judging standards.

Judging Standards
A guy shows up to a BB comp with underdeveloped legs and hyooge arms, places top 10; if he shows up with hyooge legs and underdeveloped arms, doesn’t place.

A girl shows up to a BB comp with underdeveloped legs and hyooge arms, is never heard from again; if he shows up with hyooge legs and underdeveloped arms, top 5.

Women also have a higher portion of muscle in their legs than men do:
But this is lesser important than the differing standards between men and women I think.

I think that women don’t have the luxury that men do when it comes to AAS abuse, such that men can get incredible results off relatively simple (not easy, simple) leg routines when combined with grams of Test. Women would have some issues doing the same.
Additionally though, I would say that women respond to HIIT type training far better than men do. Considering that Bikini is the female equivalent to Mens Physique (men don’t really need to train legs - women don’t really need to train upper body), they aren’t exactly chasing maximum muslce mass either.

But I’m just talking out of my :peach: so :man_shrugging:

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I don’t know that I saw a huge difference? She started with squats and deads. If we changed hip thrust to leg curls and step-ups to leg extensions, it would be a male bodybuilding leg day.
To @Andrewgen_Receptors’s point: her two choices where I think a typical men’s program would differ involve the glutes more, which is probably her priority.

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