The bike and cycling tread

Because it seem that many of us enjoy bikes.

So we can show off our ride, talk gears and what not.

Here are my 2 current bikes and thinking of getting a gravel or road bike for going to work in summer.

I am more of the mud type rider. I got a Trek fuel ex and a NS Bike movement dirt jumper.


I love my Cannondale. I live in the mountains now, and (feel I) have to load the bike into the car to ride because the roads are just too twisty/narrow/steep. I would LOVE to be able to commute on it, but that’s impossible for me currently. It gets quite a bit of use, but that has to be planned. We tend to vacation in bike-friendly coastal New England, and also plan day trips. When I bought it I was living in the valley and rode it pretty much every day.

When I lived in Texas I had a mountain bike (Specialized) and we spent a lot of time joyously bouncing around in the dirt. I’m just not brave enough to go off-road in the mountains. Too intense for me.

Current bike the day I brought it home:


Leads me to this question

what is the best bike for the money and for ass comfort too

live in florida, so there are no mountains, lol

You’d have to go to a bike shop and chat, I think. Try the bikes. You can replace an uncomfortable seat easily and cheaply.


Really depend. But saddle do come in various sizes.

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Had to.

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I’ve beat the balls off of my 21 Giant talon 4. Time for a total rebuild, or buy something new. I’m broke at the moment so I’ll probably start ordering parts on Amazon. Needs a new bottom bracket and crankset, forks rebuilt, upgrade to hydraulic brakes, derailleur, and other odds and ends. All said and done though, id be in for like $300 where a new hardtail is going to run $800 minimum.

Until I finish that, been messing around on my 2022 Radio Darko. Not much for tricks, but I hop off stairs and stuff.

Is it just me being a curmudgeonly old bastard or what, but I really don’t like the small sprockets on front.

How do you use that?

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I much prefer my dirt jumper for skate park and urban riding. Front fork and 26" wheels.
Or I am just getting old.

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On BMX and dirt jumper, you don’t pedal much. Pumping is the game.

On MTB the 1x system prevent chain from falling off (gear ratio rule and makes shifting much easier), it’s one less thing to mess with as a dropper post is life and any way the goal is going down.


It’s just there to push a few times to get up to speed before you bunny hop onto or off of something. Street bmx gearing.

Side note, I love that MTB went 1x. I hated the old 3x7 or 8s. All those damn gears never got used. You’d find 5 or 6 you liked and that was it. Just more stuff to break. A properly geared 1x8 is perfect.

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It does make a lot of sense on mtb. I use mostly 1st & second ring, rarely the 3rd.