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The Biggest Scam of the 21th Century


Can you guess what it is?

My vote goes to "college." How many college grads have their bachelors degree in hand and can't get any job that requires the mental capacity greater than that of a monkey? A bet a whole crapload. I thought a BS in a business concentration (finance) would be one of the most marketable degrees.

Yeah I'm bitter. I'm thinking of how else I'm going to support myself and not go mentally insane as I work in a warehouse picking up boxes.


Global Warming


The biggest scam is that we can live without WAR or disease. The sad truth is without them there would be to many people to feed.


Hey at least you still have a job. I am about to be laid off, furloughed or at best rifted into a different department if I am lucky. Damn I really should have studied harder in college.


I thought that the whole population of Earth can fit easily in Texas and the only reason there are food scarcities is that corporations want to create artificial shortages to drive up demand and increase their profits.


Hmmm I think a better answer would be. The biggest scam of them all is the HOPE for WORLD PEACE. Never will happen.


I hate when you tell someone what you are taking in college and then they say "Ya there's a high demand for that!"....Ya in the middle of no where and you have to move ~a day away from where you live now to get there.


Biggest scam of the 21st century? O-B-A-M-A!


Fortune cookies. They are so NOT accurate...


Then why are you studying it?

I ask because I assume you're talking about mining and/or metallurgy, and you must have known there were no mines in Van when you started.


NO Xplode


Having hopes and value of life.

Everyone is just a pawn of their government, and they in turn are the pawns of financial world leaders.

You aren't an individual, we're all getting fucked equally hard.




ahhhh, Finance WAS a great degree to have up until about 12-15 months ago. My buddy was making 6 figures 24 months out of college. Now he and like 3 other people are the only ones left.

And I thank my lucky starts every day I went to school.

Give it awhile and demand will go back up rapidly in that field. Maybe get your MBA while you wait?


American IDOL (not the biggest but damn close)


This and the Obama answer are definitely up there.


Medicine comes in 3rd on my list (why cure the pain when you can just ease the pain so you must come back for more medicine)


Soy being promoted as a health food.


I thought about it, but I don't have any finance related work experience, so having an MBA wouldn't help much. Plus most programs require you to have professional work experience.


Biggest scam: People thinking life should be all pleasure and no pain.