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The Biggest Problems On The Road


What pisses people off most about driving?
Im sick to death of people not indicating properly at busy round-abouts (in England).
Please post hopfully the pricks that piss everyone off will read your posts.


I hate driving.


An advanced driving class should be MANDATED at age 21. After 5 years experience behind the wheel you ain't much of a rookie anymore. It is like weight training... if you still suck after 5 years, you are doing something VERY wrong.

Not bullshit questions like "what is the speed limit on a residential street" blahblabha

You have to DRIVE with someone for an hour or whatever and they will assess how bad you fucking suck at driving.

Using the indicator adequately, passing people on the freeway, breaking a little bit from a far distance away from a stop light so you can coast through it and not use your break a lot. Accelerating and decelerating at an efficient speed and not jerking people around in your car. Parallel parking DECENTLY. Knowing how fast to travel in each lane on the freeway, AKA not 68 in a 65 in the FAR LEFT LANE.
PAYING ATTENTION to your surroundings.

i could go on for like 100 pages, but you get the point...

if you can't drive decently, you have to work towards being good to keep your license past age 21. If not, ride a bike, take the bus, whatever. I don't fucking care. You have spent 5 years pissing everyone off, your time is up.


breaking the speed limit where its unsafe- eg residential roads.
not indicating
tailgaiting (kills people)
poor lane discipline
poor parking.
not taking any pride in the skill of driving.

ever since iv been doing the IAM course, i get riled up on the road by idiots :frowning:


In my area, truckers are becoming a huge problem. They're legally not allowed to enter the passing lane, but lots have been doing so recently. Even though the speed limit is 100km/hr, they aggressively tailgate old ladies in the slow (right) lane, urging them to go 120km/hr.

If you're in the slow lane, you are completely in your right to drive at the speed limit, period. If you want to drive faster, move to a faster lane.

I don't care if you have a load of potash you have to deliver to Thunder Bay...nobody gives a shit...slow the fuck down or you're going to kill someone. Trucks have an incredibly slow stopping time...all it takes is someone ahead to step on the brakes and a huge accident is going to ensue.

I drive a company car and spend a lot of time on the road, so my list of gripes would likely exceed the maximum post length here. Basically, I wish that people would drive safely and actually use some of the stuff they learned in driving school.

Maintain a safe following distance, check blind spots, signal, don't double/triple lane change, allow people to merge at on-ramps, etc. The "Fast and the Furious" stuff looks cool in the movies but its an easy way to kill someone in real life


Driving too slow in a fast lane--seriously, if I'm going 70 and some idiot cuts in front of me at 40, they are going to die .

Changing lanes without looking--I had a DB on a LAPTOP cut from an exit ramp that was at a standstill back onto the highway which was going full speed, and I had literally two seconds to decide whether I should jerk into the other lane and risk getting hit or slam into him. He's lucky I didn't decide to slam into him and let nature deal with the rest.

People who start up really slow and take forever to get up to speed because they think it saves them a ton of gas.

People who don't understand how stop signs work or don't pay attention to who was there first. It's not hard: stop, wait, go. Easy.

Morons who race down the lane closest to the sidewalk right after school lets out and little kids are walking home.

People who keep turning left after the light has long ago turned red.

Individuals who insist on backing into a parking space but don't know how to, effectively taking 10 minutes just to back up between two lines.

Driving right next to a car in the opposite lane so no one can pass and drive faster.

Braking completely when making a right turn.

Not turning on headlights in rain/fog/night.

People riding my bumper.

Morons who slow down to 30mph at the first sign of a cop.

People who pass in the left lane going UPHILL while speeding.

Bottlenecks when there's an accident--do you really have to slow down to look at the crumpled motorcycle and red pile of goo under the tarp? Keep moving.

Anyone who is incapable of talking/eating/breathing while driving.

Bastards that drive with children in their lap.

Woo, that feels better.


So do I. Actually, it's not the driving that I hate, it's all the assholes on the road.

Why? Why do people drive the way they do? Why? What compels someone to just lose all common sense and reasoning when they drive? WHY?

Why are you driving on my ass? It's not going to make me go faster.

Why can't you use your blinker? You only have to move one of your left fingers about half an inch to turn it on, why can't you use it? It's not there as a decoration, you are supposed to use it. And when you do use it, don't turn it on while you are in the middle of making your lane change! That's just stupid! Stop doing that!

Why do people drive so fast, weaving in and out of traffic to be the FIRST ONE AT THE RED LIGHT? I don't get that at all, the streets aren't a fucking race track. People who do that shit get other people killed.

There ought to be mandatory jail sentences for asshole drivers.


I think this depends on HOW slow they are going. I don't bolt out of the fucking starting gate when the light turns green like everyone else does. Of course this pisses off any asshole behind me, but it isn't neccessary. It really isn't. The street isn't a god damned race track, people who think it is are risking the lives of others, they should have their driving privileges taken from them.

I don't understand this one though, if the light is RED then you should stop before making your turn. If it isn't, and there are no cars turning into the street, then you should slow down before making yoru turn. Just whipping around the corner without making sure the coast is clear is just asking for trouble.

Again, people that treat the streets like their own personal race track ought to be jailed.


Jackasses who think they need to drive in the fast lane when they CLEARLY shouldn't be.

So many others to name, though.


A tip for those of you who drive a lot...classical music.

I'm a metalhead, but not in my car. Its Mozart, Beethoven, Andre Gagnon and even that fruity guy on his pipe flute.

It REALLY takes the edge off and helps you stay calm, rational and objective on the road, and that keeps you alive. I think if I had Lamb of God playing on a day to day basis while driving that I'd be in jail by now for bludgeoning someone to death with a tire iron.


55 mph drag races on the freeway, piss me off


getting stuck behind some old fart who is driving slower than the posted speed limit


getting stuck behind someone who has their turn signal on and slows down to a crawl at every possible driveway or sidestreet until they find the one their looking for.

I blame mapquest for this one. Its 2009. Get a fucking gps unit.


Random chicks jumping in my ride, fishing my cock out of my zipper and blowing me without even introducing themselves. Girls these days have no fucking etiquette.


i like to plan my route beforehand by map, memorise it, and maybe note down some things that i can quckly look at a red light, screw gps!


Every driver other than myself of course.



damn, I know how you feel on this... I just hate it when that happens to me.


Me and my friend were just driving on the Expressway and well I don't know what its called but that short cut lane for cops, so they can quickly go east instead of west etc. instead of waiting for an exit.

Anyway a cop in an SUV, took one of those lanes and pulled out in front of us going maybe 10 mph. My friend immediately slowed down as quick as he could. He said he was pushing the brake in as far as it went and we came maybe 5 feet from him. At that point I said beep your horn, but my friend was kind of unsure wtf just happened.

But then the cop started flooring it so my friend tries to catch up to him and we're doing 90 mph and he was still going faster then us. Oh and he Never had his lights or sirens on. So my friend starts flashing his brights. The cop starts switching lanes like hes trying to get away from us. so we follow him and continue to flash our brights. This goes on for about 2 minutes.

I eventually tell him to stop and slow down because we'll be the ones to get in trouble. He later tells me the reason he kept flashing his brights was to get him to pull over to find out why he almost killed us.

Then we laughed our asses off for trying to pull a cop over. And I honestly have no idea how he didn't see us coming.


Oh no. I could rant all day about this.

I'm from New England and used to the MassHole style of driving. It's decisive and to the point. You want to change lanes on a crowded highway, do it quick and sharp. Don't irritate me with being indecisive or bad signaling.

In Texas, people do this thing where they put on their signal and ssssllllooowwwlllyyy drift toward your lane to see if you are going to let them in. Some will not continue the initiated lane change unless you pointedly slow down to about 55 MPH, just so they can be reassured that they're not violating social protocol by merging in front of you. Some just continue to drift and maybe five minutes later they've made it into your lane, like they take everything slowly and it's expected that the world will move for them since we're all so nice and easygoing in Texas.



I like how everybody thinks they're an awesome driver. I have yet to meet somebody who admits that they're a bad driver. If you even tell someone they're a bad driver, they get so offended, like it's a skill they've been actively pursuing for years.

What constitutes being a good driver? Never having crashed?

My mom is the worst driver I know. Of course, she blames every one of her accidents on some outside force. It's like some people just don't have a basic understanding of physics. Flooring it on a slippery road will not help your condition.


Actually, scratch that. My step grandmother is the worst driver I know, by far. She's turned into the opposite lane twice now, once with oncoming traffic having to abruptly stop, and that's just when I was in the car, then just said "What do I do?"
She goes about 5-10mph under the limit.

just... I don't know.
Old people should have to retake their driving test every year.
My grandfather is the second best driver I know, though.