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The Biggest Loser Workouts


What are your opinions, in particular the workouts they do?



I haven't watched it in a few years.

Here's my take. It sends the wrong message, yet at the same time it helps many people.

To me it sends the message that in order to go from a fat ass to losing some weight that you have to workout for 3-4 hrs all the while being yelled at by a trainer. Because that's what our job is to yell at people.
On top of that, they have severely overweight people running. I'm sure that's real good for their knees.

I personally can't watch the show because it pisses me off, but it seems to help some people, so be it.


as a trainer....




plus I had a client come up and tell me about the show and this heartfelt moment between one of the trainers and her victim, client I meant client.

Basically she told the client how 'when she goes home there's no one there for her either, that she has to rely on herself and if she could do it so could the client.

nice right

then she showed me a picture. And I knew the Trainer! She's married to one of the few pro bodybuilders who've turned solid profit and has a fully loaded gym at home.

the mixed messages are bad enough but bold faced lying just makes us all look bad. : P


Anything to get people in the gym, if they really want it they'll find out the right way and what works for them. Hell, I'd give someone a bosu ball to do push-ups on if it was all they wanted to do because they want to workout.

On your note Jfit, I agree about the yelling etc but I've seen at least 5 specific cases 300-500 lb people at the local YMCA putting an hour on the bike, then an hour on the rower, and lifting for an hour because of the show and dropping obscene amounts of weight. One guy ate just vegetables and yogurt everyday as ordered by his doctor and dropped over 200 lbs, and he went from barely being able to do 135 on the bench to working out with 285. All of his protein came from yogurt. Albeit he has a massive frame but has never been as strong as this, it's not muscle memory.

It all comes down to having the desire and the inspiration. This provides one of the two elements for people so I'm all for it.


When you're that obese and have that short amount of time to lose that much weight...it works.

Just speaking of the actual methods used - not the yelling and stuff seen on camera.


This is to the trainers that might read this thread.

At my 24-hour fitness they said those contestants are given B12 shots and they eat 1000 cals a day.

what would B12 do for them, and how can they do all that on 1000 cals a day?


dude who cares, its easy to make money off fat people!!! thats all the biggest loser is, exploiting fat ass burger eaters for money!!!


OG- google b12.
but from memory b12 helps your body utilise energy more efficiently, improves your metabolism etc.

your body can handle alot of stress...
especially with a spare 50-100 kilos
of bodyfat.


a thousand calories a day? But i heard they also work out 6-7 hours a day if that's true that cannot be healthy!

I like the show but I've noticed some of the exercise selection isn't the safest plus the high amounts of running/sprinting that those 300-400lb people do probably isn't the best idea either but what do i know lol


People are idiots and it takes a serious jolt to get anyone to do anything that requires time.. people wont even watch a 5 minute youtube video anymore.. and you want them in the gym three times a week so they can be healthier? hahaha.. we learn best from getting burned so if thats what it takes to get people to the gym.. improper exercise is better than no excise..at least there is a hope they will get it right eventually.