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The Biggest Derailer?


What shit happens to you that derails your training the most?


Pinched a nerve in my hand in September, workers comp won't allow me to work out because apparently now I need surgery.

GF broke up with me

Got fired from my job


My pillows.


Getting a rush job in and having to apply all my time and energy on it until completed.


Pretty much just injuries. Most other stuff, breakups, being super busy, etc, just makes me want/need to lift more.


Funny people say this. I always found my training gets worse with the emergence of a relationship. Not the other way around.


submitting peer review publications
relationships (both starting and ending but more so starting)

and most certainly injuries


A years working holiday in Australia was the first event that seriously derailed my training. Some hard graft while working in farms helped me retain a little muscle though.

The second one was when my dad died. Although I managed to squeeze a few sessions in during that time. Helped take my mind of things.


Injuries are my biggest derailer (did something to my hammy playing hockey and it just never healed right .. sometimes I aggravate it and can't squat or DL for a few weeks)

Then responsibilities like school and work deadlines; familial obligations and the like








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Lack of actual routine in my life


Wierd shifts at work



Definitely this. The only thing that holds me back is getting hurt or something just not feeling right. Begin away from the gym for a week (business trip, etc) makes me want to go back.



Women/relationships kill my training potential.


I have too many injuries to list...many here can verify


Get your bitches in line dude.






Achilles tendonitis is my achilles heel.