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The Big Sleep Part 2

“Foods naturally rich in these substances include spinach, potatoes, beer, tomatoes, sauerkraut, bacon, cheese (not cottage), ham, sausage, and some other stuff like chicken liver and eggplant which you have no business eating anyway.”

Why do I have no business eating spinach, potatoes, tomatoes, saurkraut, cheese, ham, sausage, chicken liver, and eggplant? What on earth is wrong with any of those foods? Or is that comment only directed toward the chicken liver and eggplant? Even if it is, why do I have no business eating that? Those all sound like pretty high quality foods to me, especially the saurkraut, spinach, tomatoes, and liver.


Comment was aimed for the chicken liver and eggplant.

I mean…because…its c h i c k e n l i v e r and eggplant…its also T-Mag, staying true to the smart-ass quips which make T-Mag TMAG.

Quip or not, it comes across as them saying you shouldn’t eat eggplant or chicken liver.

Bad place for a “quip” if you ask me.

I agree that the comment is refering to the eggplant and chicken liver.

Liver, I understand, but what’s wrong with eggplant?

In faith,

yep…what in the hell is wrong with eggplant?