The Big Program Compilation!

This following post is inspired by Chris Shugart’s “My Big Fat Training Program Guide - Part 1 & 2” Listed here: and here: , where Chris describes some of the programs which have been posted in various articles here at T-Nation.

We all know how good it is to mix up your training, both to challenge your muscles for growth but also as mental inspiration. I have read several times across the forums, that there is ooh so many training programs here at T-Nation… yes but where exactly?!

Here they are! A nice compilation of training programs, you can snack around in, like a kid in a candy-store… or should we say a T-Man/Woman in a Biotest supplement store? :wink: Enjoy.

N.B. If you would like a description before checking out a program I suggest you check out Chris’s threads, the ones mentioned above, to see if the one you want to try, is among the ones he made a little review of. He has around 30 program descriptions in his article.

Note: Authors are listed in alphabetical order by first name and at the buttom you will find some program where only body weight is used. Good for when you’re out travelling and don’t have access to a gym.

Here we go:

Brian Haycock

Hypertrophy-Specific Training

Chad Waterbury

The Waterbury Summer Project

The Set/Rep Bible

Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy I

Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy II

Strength Focused Mesocycle

SOB Training

Triple Total Training

Hybrid Hypertrophy

Waterbury Method

Total Body Training

Total Strength program

Quattro Dynamo

Singles Club

Big Boy Basics

Outlaw Strength & Conditioning

The Art Of Waterbury

The Next “Big Three” Program

100 reps to Bigger Muscles

10 x 3 For Fat Loss

Charles Poliquin

Advanced German Volume Training

Lactic Acid Training for Fat Loss

The Super-Accumulation program

The 1-6 Principle

Charles Staley

Convergent Phase Training

Chris Shugart

Dawg School - Basic training for beginners

Christian Thibaudeau

OVT: Optimized Volume Training

The HSS-100 program

HSS-100: Back Specialization

HSS-100: Chest Specialization

Super Beast

SuperHero program

Pump Down the Volume

Hungarian Oak Leg Blast

Beast Building - Part I

Beast Building - Part II

Beast Building - Part III

High-Performance Mass Program
Lower Body Pressing

High-Performance Mass Program
Upper Body Pressing

High-Performance Mass Program
Lats and Biceps Fatigue Loading

Clay Hyght

Blending Size and Strength, Version 2.0

Dan John

The “One Lift a Day” Program

The Tabata Method Fat Loss in Four Minutes

The Litvinov Workout

The Secret of Loaded Carries

Don Alessi

Meltdown Training 1

Meltdown Training 2

Meltdown Training 3
(Seems to be lost…)

Bodybuilding’s Best Kept Secret

Doug Santillo

X-Comp Training Compensatory acceleration and the bodybuilder

Erick Minor

The Omnibus Method: More Variety, More Muscle

Ian King

UPPER BODY: Twelve Weeks to Super Strength, Phase I Chest and back

LEGS: Twelve Weeks of Pain, Part I

ARMS: Great Guns in Twelve Weeks, Phase I

ABS: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Ab training

Big Muscles, Busy Schedules

Bring the Pain: Part 1

The Bulk-Building Workout

James Chan

The Shotgun Method

[/b]Jim Wendler[/b] (Article by Bryan Krahn)

5/3/1 - How to build pure strength

The World’s Simplest Training Template

Joe DeFranco

Westside for Skinny Bastards

Westside for Skinny Bastards, Part II

Shoulder Shocker

Joel Marion

Ripped, Rugged and Dense

Stripped Down Hypertrophy

John Davies

Fat to Fire

Renegade Training

John Meadows

Enormous and Strong Legs: The Mountain Dog Way

A Monstrous Back: The Mountain Dog Way

Chest Obliteration �?�¢?? Mountain Dog Style

Shoulder Training: The Mountain Dog Way

Mountain Dog Arms

Lee Boyce

The Return of German Volume Training

Mark Rippetoe

The Texas Method

Who Wants to Be a Novice? You Do.

Mike Robertson

The Modified 5x5 Squat program

Nate Green


Nick Tumminello

A Simple Program for Complex Results

Scott Abel

The Ultimate Legs Program

Steven Morris

7 Ab Exercises That Actually Work

TC Luoma

Tsunami Training

German Volume Trainng 2000

GVT Revisited

The Push-Pull workout

Tim Henriques

The Shut-Up program

Tony Gentilcore

The Strong and Rippped Program


Bret Contreras, Tony Gentilcore, and Brad Schoenfeld

3 Total Body Programs for Big Arms

Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson

Neanderthal No More, Part V

John Berardi & Chris Shugart

The Growth Surge Project part 1

The Growth Surge Project part 2

The Growth Surge Project part 3

Nate Green and Nick Tumminello

Building The Apex Predator Body

Programs where only bodyweight is used in the exercises. That makes them great programs to use when you’re stuck somewhere without a gym.

Ian King
Death by Bodyweight

Mike Mahler
Combat Conditioning

P.S. I am sure I have left out a lot of programs, but after spending a long time searching around the site to find all the programs I had to take a break and get it done. Perhaps I have also credited some of the authors wrong, that, for sure, is not intended and I am sorry if that is the case. If you guys add some programs in this thread I will make sure to edit my above post and bring them in so we have them all in one place.

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Damnation. Excellent post–we should sticky this for an easy, quick list reference to programs. Well done sir, I salute you!

[quote]bmitch wrote:
Good post[/quote]

I sense a quote train.

[quote]zephead4747 wrote:
bmitch wrote:
Good post

I sense a quote train.[/quote]

x2 :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote]Aragorn wrote:
Damnation. Excellent post–we should sticky this for an easy, quick list reference to programs. Well done sir, I salute you![/quote]

You are most welcome sir. It started out as a thing for myself so I’d remember all the different programs, but I figured there would be others who’d like it as well.

like everyoen will be quoting u :stuck_out_tongue:


Great idea and thanks for putting the time into this. I have a couple of programs to add -

HSS-100: Back Specialization
by Christian Thibaudeau

HSS-100: Chest Specialization
by Christian Thibaudeau

Westside for Skinny Bastards
A modified lifting program for “Hardgainers”
by Joe DeFranco

Westside for Skinny Bastards, Part II
The need for speed!

The Strong and Ripped Program
by Tony Gentilcore

Neanderthal No More, Part V
The complete guide to fixing your caveman posture!
By Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson

Nice HoratioSandoval, they are now added to the list in the top.

Nice post, but it should be in the BB section not the beginners. Otherwise noobs will look at it and think it is a recommendation. It isnt, it’s a compilation, so it should be used as a tool for easy-finding the famous articles for intermediates.

Hmm perhaps you’re right… don’t know if the MOD’s would appreciate if I post the same stuff in two different sections though.

[quote]JBR wrote:
Hmm perhaps you’re right… don’t know if the MOD’s would appreciate if I post the same stuff in two different sections though.[/quote]

No need to repost it. If you want it moved into the Bodybuilding Forum, let me know.

really like this idea… JBR… i take it ull be adding all new posts to original for easy reference

^^ That’s right Carl. I’ll add them to the original post if/when people post programs I missed.

bmitch, added.

Does anyone know the name of the article where the author suggests really high rep leg workouts (100 reps +) and has a picture of a speed skater with huge thighs (who did reasonably high weights with insane reps as part of his training)?

Another bodyweight program

Ian King’s “Death by Bodyweight”

canabal, it’s added.

Added as well!

On a sidenote: The hungarian leg blast looks so sick… I gotta try it. /shivers

Updated with a few extra programs.

bmitch, did you try the hungarian program yet?