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The BIG Picture


How long have you been lifting?

How much muscle have you gained?

What is your final goal when it comes to body-weight?

I'll go first:

Been lifting seriously for about 2 years.

I have gained around 10-15lbs do to being stupid and trying to stay lean, that has changed and now eating like a champ.

I want to reach 220 220 or so and then come down to a leaner 190-200 for Oly-lifting comps.


2 years seriously


I think I would feel comfortable at 190lbs but I have a long ways to go to reach that goal. Short term I try to gain 5-10lbs a month.


Ok, I'll bite.

I've been lifting for about 2.8 years.

I went from 155 to 220, eating like mad and somehow staying lean.

Seven months ago I broke 5 bones in my foot, with a total of 26 fractures.

I dropped down to 185 with the four months of crutches and appetite suppressing drugs (oxycontin).

Now I'm 205.

I want to be around 240 lean, though this is a ways away to say the least.


I've been lifting for almost 2 years now.

I've gained about 45lbs of muscle (from ~160 to 200 in 18 months, dieted down to a current 200)

My next big goal I have in mind is to be 230lbs in the same condition or better that I am in my end of diet pics in my profile.


How long have you been lifting?

16 years, but I probably was just spinning my wheels for the first 3-5. I only started making 'serious' progress the last 8 or so.

How much muscle have you gained?

Started at 150 lbs, heaviest was 220 with abs when I flexed REALLY hard.

What is your final goal when it comes to body-weight?

Even though I compete as a middleweight (under 175 lbs), I think I dieted too hard last time, and would be extremely happy to be a contest ready 185 lbs.



7 years, 5 serious

50+ lbs (Including puberty)

I'm 250-260 now at 6'2" >15% bf; so I'd say 240 at <10% bf.


I started training 2 years & 2 months ago.

So far, I've gained 45 lbs. It'd have been alot more if I hadn't broken my leg last year, been unable to train for 3&1/2 months, and lost 30 lbs. At this time last year, I only weighed 135. Oh well, so it goes.

Who knows? When I get to 200, I'll take stock and reevaluate.


6.5 years since I first touched weights. 2.5 since I graduated hs and stopped spinning my wheels.

I've gained 80 pounds (between puberty and lifting). FWIW, had visible abs the entire time.

I think I'll be content when I'm a lean 230-235 @ 6'1-6'2.

Note the words "I think".

  1. seriously, almost 8 months
  2. i went from 150 to 230, maybe 3-5% bf increase
  3. would like to end at 235 lean


I don't mean to be rude but it's kind of weird to me you short term try and gain 5-10lb a month, but over the 2 years lifting you've gained 15lbs?


2 years of lifting and not so great of a diet. I'm still dialing in my diet however.


Lots of responses. Now what is your diet like when bulking?


umm pretty much everything with meat in it
4-5 times per day, lots of eggs and steak and toast and butter
ground beef a lot too
whole milk
some days like 7000 calories
others more like 2-3000
lots of fruit and veggies when available

dunno why, the lesser calorie days just make me feel better the next day, less food "slowing me down" anyone else feel like they have less energy the more they shovel the food in.


A bit over 2 years

at least 40lbs of muscle. Probably closer to 50lbs.



3 years

Started @ 145

Highest has been 210

Now a 13% 185


Probably because of more food in your stomach, maybe try to drink more milk or eat a few p&J sandwiches since they can be calorie dense. I personally don't care if I feel a bit "heavier" when eating a lot as long as when I train my stomach is almost empty. Eating is awesome lol BUT after a while I think it becomes just a part of your day. it's great that most people are afraid too eat too much or weight too much and here I am stuffing my face :stuck_out_tongue:


Three years.

25 pounds. (150 to 175).

185 to 190 in a few more years. I have a crazy metabolism that demands food at least every hour, and just slamming fat calories never makes the hunger stop, so I've slowed down and don't want to try getting big.


How long have you been lifting?
6 years off and on, 3 months seriously

How much muscle have you gained?
Went from 130lbs when I started 6 years ago to my current 165lbs (7-8 lbs in the last few months)

What is your final goal when it comes to body-weight?
I would like to be a lean 175 by next summer, see how my body looks and go from there. I am a short 5'7.


13 yrs- little over a year seriously (got caught up in the functional TBT crap)

130 lbs to current 203 lbs - 73 lbs

Final goal would be 190-195 lean


Lifting more seriously for about 5 years. Stopped drinking and started paying FAR more attention to diet and training program design etc 2 or so years ago. I have gone up and down alot in weight, since I started, attempting to diet down, using the incorrect methods etc. Last year I got up to 110kg(240lbs) then cut down to about 200lbs, where I looked my best in terms of body comp.

Since then I gained more mass and fat again, but in the last few months, using biosig protocols, I have gained far more lean mass and am currently leanest and most muscular than I have ever been at approx 210lbs and approx 13-14% bf. I have since found that I have a fcked up thyroid and this is why I have struggled to drop the fat before, doing more cardio and losing mucsle/strength with fat. This is getting fixed and now, I am getting stronger and leaner;).

Anyway, still got PLENTY to learn about what works for me 100%, but things I do know:

  1. I respond best to reps <8
  2. I respond/function very well on low carbs, because I am so damn insulin resistant-getting fixed.
  3. I don't NEED carbs to gain lean muscle.
  4. Fixing deficiencies should be priority to ensure that your body functions well and thus leading to best gains and a drop in fat.
  5. I love lifting heavy weights!!