the big cut

Okay manimals.
Quick question. I have done several different stacks and cycles in my day for purposes of growth but never when trying to trim off the body fat. In 2 months I will be cutting and I am going ot design a cycle to aid in this. I have often noticed that test of any kind (more than likely sust in my case) seems to jack the metabolism relatively high. what are your thoughts about basing a cutting cyle stack around a testosterone? If not test. what suggentions do you have from personal experience? I am not a fan of tren, so the tried and true fina response isn’t gonna do it.

why arent you a fan of tren?

test/tren/winny is an awesome cutter.

imo any anabolic is good for cutting so long as the dosage is high enough to help you maintain lbm.

my goal while dieting is to get cut up while maintaing lbm. almost any anabolic will accomplish that.

except however for those that cause you to be hungry as hell all day.

Yeh, I was trying to come up w/ an injectable that could be used. I thought of EQ, but everyone says their appetite is through the roof! Primo would be great if it wasn’t so damn expensive and hard to find. Why don’t you like tren?

Concur with P-dog that AAS will preserve lean mass, so it is not so much the type of AAS used (although that can be a factor), rather it will preserve LBM while you are cutting back carbs.

I tell you, ain’t no AAS in the world that cuts as effectively as cutting back carbs.

tren killed my sex drive last i took it…plus i retained a ton of water and looked really puffy

Are you positive it was real tren?

Yeh, that definitely does not sound like tren.

pretty sure, it is the same source i use for all of my other stuff and it has all been extremely legit thus far.

also it may have been that i didn’t stack the tren… i used it by itself (daily injenction)

If you just used it by itself, and ed injections, then for dam sure it was not Tren! because I myself get no water retention from tren and I am sure all the bros on this site will concur with me!.. Maybe it was Revlar? -little estradiol in the mix?

perhaps… I do know this I got strong as a motherfucker on it, moreso than a previous cycle with test cyp… as far as sheer strength gains it was comparable to the sust/d-bol stack I ran. makes me wonder what it was