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The Big Bang (Movie)



This could be good..or it could be 2 hours of 'shut the fuck up!'


IDK, the synopsis says James Van Der Beek is in it. He's that annoying emo kid from Dawson's Creek. And he has too many fucking names.


So Antonio will play Sheldon and Van der Beek will be Leonard I guess?


Great Trailer at least, I saw a girls ass and a big fucker hitting people.


Obviously Penny is the waitress, but who is the other chick? Raj?


wow wow wow are we talking about my favorite tv show ''the big bang theory'' or a movie I dont care about and will not go see?


^^ I was making a joke about the TV show.


Go watch Rules of Attraction.


I was playing along. Great show.


It's true for me in so many ways. Except the being really smart part.


Huh. Its just the opposite for me.



I was the nerd in high school,but also one of the bigger guys. Also I was from the "wrong" side of town, so one day the football coach said I should try out for he team. I told him I had no idea how to play football (to this day I still don't know the rules). I told him I could stab the other players and take their wallets though....and then I could use the money to buy Star Trek books.