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The Biden Orlando Interview


If only more reporters would ask these guys THESE kinds of question!


That was great. I saw it this morning. It won't matter though.


I'm curious how many Florida voters were sitting around the community center TV watching that interview; and said "HELL YEA! She gave it to those two 'ole Marxist Obama and Biden!!!"

...Right before cashing their Social Security Checks and seeing the doctor with their Medicare Card?

Just curious...



That would take caring about something other than themselves hence my assertion that it won't matter.


I'm curious how many people think this lady just got cockslapped by Biden and that the youtube title was referring to a Biden win <_<


Hmmm...if that was supposed to convince Obama supporters and undecided voters to not vote for Obama I think it probably failed to hit the mark. None who support Obama probably even see anything wrong with the idea of more socialism and I seriously doubt undecided voters are any more against it.

Tough questions that could have been tougher had she only focused on getting an ideological opinion from the Obama campaign instead of worrying about ACORN -- what the flip is ACORN and who cares?


LOLz this interview was a total joke.

As has been made very public, her husband is a "political and media consultant for Republican politicians."

Of course this interview is going to be laughable with him giving her loaded talking point questions.




Can't seem to get any sound with her interview with McCain...


(Damn Right Wing Media...)



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The television station is now on Obama's 'List'. Joe the Plumber got investigated for asking a question too.

Funny how nothing matters, that people are bound and determined to vote for this guy and the Dems in Congress. They ran everything from 1954 until 1994, fucked everything up, and the Republicans get blamed. Spend 40 years driving us into bankruptcy and then blame someone else when the cleanup goes haywire (mostly because Republicans are not conservatives).

I guess you can't stop a society that is bound and determined to commit suicide. Just get out of the way...


There is more truth than I sincerely wish there was in this statement. The public will not wake up until the state is kicking their door in it appears.