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The Best Way to Attach Chains?


I have searched chains and found where to buy them and how to use them, but I cannot find out/figure out the best way to attach them to the bar. Any suggestions or pictures? Thanks


I think Charles Poliquin suggests ankle straps so you don't scratch up the bar.


I just loop mine through a smaller loading chain.


We have a couple guys on my team that work at machine shops, they just made collars that had three loop things screwed into the bottam to hang the chains from. I probably didn't describe it very well but it's kinda hard to picture.


Yeah, looping them through a smaller chain and then looping that chain just inside the sleeve seems to work.


Okay, I think I am getting it, just to clarify:

  • how long is the smaller loading chain?

  • does the smaller loading chain attach to itself with a d-clip?

  • the main chain doubles over the smaller loading chain? So your five foot length are really two 2 ? foot lengths?

It is just kind of hard to picture, but I sure appreciate the responses, a picture would really help.


Here's a pict. Hope it helps.


I just use a thick cotton line with the metal thumb clip. I tied 2 loops, one for bench, one for squats. I use up to 120 lbs of chain, the line is easy on the hands and the bar.


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