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The best training cycle?

What do you think is the best training cycle? I have been training for 10 years and my opinion is this for more muscle mass.

Phase1 3-4 weeks:
one exercise for each muscle group.
Basic ecercises.
5 set x 5 reps + 1 superset 12 reps
3-5 min rest.

Phase2 3-4 weeks:
training monday,tuesday,thursday,friday
4 Split.
Begin with weakest body parts first in training day twise a week.
max 45 min training sessions.
8-10 reps.
1-2 min rest.
4 exercises each big muscle group .
2 exercises for small.
Ian King’s 4 sec. rule 311, 211, 301 or 310 for each first exercise.

Phase 3 3-4 weeks: Prioritation of weekest muscle group.
mon: Weak muscle group + abs
wed: rest of body, 1 basic exercise each muscle group. 2 set 10-12 reps, close to positive falure.
fre: Weak muscle group + abs

Phase4: 1 weak back off. Do something else (swimmin, jogging, walking)

sorry for my bad english! :slight_smile: