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The BEST Thing About Bodybuilding

Every yin must have a yang so let’s see if we can’t hear some of the positive things people love about this lifestyle.

For me it’s something that I can’t explain briefly(as usual right haha). Coming out of high school I played sports like most people probably did here and coming into college there was nothing that ignited that fire in me anymore. Hopefully this doesn’t sound like I’m tooting my own horn cause I’m not, but I was all state in soccer, starting varsity mid fielder in lacrosse, and I had gotten there based on some natural ability but primarily because I was willing to put in the extra mile of work compared to my peers. While others went to practice worked there and forgot about it I would stay around afterwards, work on things that I was weak at, pound the fundamentals yadda yadda yadda, just out worked everyone I had to.

When those things ended I HAD to find some sort of avenue to take that to. That internal desire to compete(whether internally or externally), to get better at something, to see where I can take it. I had lifted in high school but nothing too serious as sports always took over top priority half the year. But now as a college student that’s not an athlete I needed something else. Bodybuilding became that outlet because I was attracted to the very individualistic style of it. With team sports you can slack and have your teammates carry you to victory, you can do everything in your power but have someone else screw it up etc. But here it’s just me, just the effort I’m willing to put in, the food I’m willing to eat, everything is on me. My field is that gym floor, the competition is that logbook(ie old me) and I’m going to win. That’s what I love about bodybuilding. Oh, and doing my best to look like this…

I just love the sheer determination of a natural BB’er.

They work there asses off, and not just in one aspect of their lives. They dial in nutrition, they work hard, they’re up to date on current developments in their field. I just appreciate how much they put into it.

The best thing about Bodybuilding is knowing that you’re usually the strongest and the best looking naked wherever you go.

I love Arnold

I love the sense of accomplishment and knowing that if I put my all into something that I can succeed. This of course permeates outside of the weight room to all aspects of life.

I believe that bodybuilding (as well as Martial Arts that I have done in the past) has given me the undying will to persevere.

Honestly I believe that this benefit is potentially present in any athletic ability (and aspect of life for that matter), so I’m not trying to suggest that bodybuilders are the only one’s who develop this.

It’s just for me, wanting to be big and strong has always been something that’s burned deep down in my soul. And it’s from there that everything else stems.

Perhaps for someone else, they might get that will from getting a Phd., or writing a novel, or resolving conflicts, etc…

Looking good is of course not anything to complain about either. :wink:

Pounds of muscle undeniably looks better then pounds of fat. Strength trumps weakness any day!


I love the feeling of accomplishment.

Knowing that it was your own effort, hard work, search for knowledge, and day in day out motivation that allowed you to look the way you do. I’ve been training for 14 years, and when I tell some young teenager that he always acts totally discouraged.

Many little steps add up my friends.


I also love seeing the guys that live a well rounded life, that Animal Pak “I used my rent money for protein” stuff doesn’t appeal to me. Give me the guy who has a family life or business ventures anyday.

For a pro example Mark Dugdale. The guy does fairly well in shows but doesn’t want to ruin his physique, has his religious beliefs(respectable whether you believe or not, I happen to not), runs a business totally unrelated to bodybuilding(ie won’t be a drug dealer after he’s done with shows) and has what appears to be a happy home life. THAT is the type of guy I look up to.

For an amateur example you guys might see me post videos of a guy named Jason Wojo when I reference good form or a certain exercise, but what I should mention from now on he is he Dr. Jason Wojo after getting his Ph.D from Duke in something crazy, molecular biology I want to say. All the while somehow putting out a DVD, prepping for Nationals and at some point spending time with his beautiful girlfriend.

These are the type of guys I look up to and want to emulate for their personal lives, not necessarily their phsyiques(although they are outstanding).

I agree with the posts Scott has made. To me, training is about leaving everything in the gym. I dont worry about if Im working out enough or write dark prose about deadlifts, I just do it. Its not something that determines my schedule, its just another part of it. I dont obsess over my diet, I know what I need to do and I get it done. Its no big deal, just my own “favorite foods” if you will.

What use is having an awesome physique if you have neglected to actually enjoy life? I have heard people say that having that physique is all that matters to them, and I completely believe that these people have no grip on reality. There is more to life than lifting weights and eating steak and I am going to enjoy the rest of my life as much as is reasonably possible. Does this mean that I dont like lifting weights, eating red meat, or achieving my goals? Absolutely not. It just means I have a bit of perspective that I feel a great number of people probably need.

As for my favorite thing about bodybuilding, I would have to say it is the feeling of knowing that my efforts are paying off and the numbers in my logbook and on the scale are going up. Every PR is something that I have done and in my eyes, no one can take that from me or claim that it is not completely mine.

I feel I must pay my dues and help this thread’s reply number surpass my thread of the worst thing about bodybuilding.

The best thing about bodybuilding is, without a doubt, the pump…Ok I’m kidding, but that’s what Arnold thought.

To me, it’s getting stronger. While I may not notice the small increments of muscle mass that I’m gaining, I definitely notice the weights I’m pushing getting higher and higher. I don’t need to be strong for any particular reason, either. It’s just very motivating and it’s what pushes me. Can I get XXX up X times? That’s the best part, for me at least.

Edit: And, like everyone else, I gotta add that chicks dig muscles.

Oiled up women wearing thongs!

The ability to manipulate my body through external means. I love how my hard work pays off, and then seeing those accomplishment either through the mirror, or added weight to the bar. Strength and mass are so appealing to me. Transformation…There is so much about lifting I enjoy.

I think it’s going to be real fun to see how the individuals on this site grow in the next 10 years.

The fact that I’m getting in better shape and getting stronger. I’ve always been in poor shape with a little extra weight. Now I’m dropping that extra fat and soon I will be able to start focusing on strenght or muscle.

Going along with what Scott said, I was getting recruited to play some d1-AA college football so all i did was eat and lift and play ball. After that was gone and I ended up contract-less on signing day I needed something useful to do. A way to compete, be on top etc etc. So I lost 55 pounds of fat and started using real nutrition and continued to lift.

Now its all about just bettering myself. I love improving. I love being healthier than alot of people (still need to get better). As an ffb I get so pissed at the fat bastards who I see pick up 4 cookies and a bowl of captain crunch at the cafeteria. (former ffb’s are always the most jugdemental) Anyway bb gives people who were former high school athletes or whatever and feeling of pride and accomplishment again. oh and it totally helps get you laid.

Best thing that happened to me this sememester…my roommate has been tryin to pull a fine one…she tells him ya know " " i think i wanna hook up with a swole guy and you are skinny…hahaha…sorry bout the off topic story but she named 3 of his friends including me shed rather get with…hahahahah!

[quote]Kruiser wrote:
Oiled up women wearing thongs![/quote]

Ding ding ding winner! haha

[quote]austin_bicep wrote:
The ability to manipulate my body through external means. I love how my hard work pays off, and then seeing those accomplishment either through the mirror, or added weight to the bar. Strength and mass are so appealing to me. Transformation…There is so much about lifting I enjoy.

This sums up “bodybuilding” for me in the sense that you lift weights to change yourself both outside and in. It gives me control over myself that at times, the world and life takes away. So I like the control I have over my little world, my pathetic bench, and my skinny little arms :wink:

If you mean in the professional, on-stage sense…I pretty much don’t follow or really care about it sense the “golden days” way before I started lifting.

When you read about or see old vids of those days, I really like the comradarie, they way they all seemed to have a collective purpose and yet joked and carried on. BBing was so divorced from the regular people that they banded together. Maybe that’s glossing over “the good ole days” but that’s the impression I get.

I don’t know if modern BBing is like that, but I don’t think Jay, Ronnie, and Dexter work out together and then hang out later on a restaurant. If they did that would be pretty cool though.

I’ve seen a couple of DVDs (Ronnie, Jay, Gunter, etc) and I do get that old school vibe from Ronnie when he works out.

Watching Ronnie lift (and speak for that matter) is one of the best things about bodybuilding for me, haha.

obviously the best thing is the results, thats what we all do it for.

another good thing is the sense of pride you get from those accomplishments. when you look good you know its because of YOU and no one else. no one else can make you successful in bodybuilding. you build yourself, people can help with advice, coaching, motivation etc. but at the end of the day youre the one lifting those weights and no one can take that from you.

Everyday I train is the best day of my life…That’s the best thing about it.

mmmm can’t we all just feel the positve vibes haha.

What else do I love…

It’s a very small niche sport whether we like to think so or not. People know Arnold and maybe Ronnie Coleman, but outside of that the general public is very naive to “our” little sport. It’s still basically a sideshow and hell that’s the way we like it.

It’s small enough still that if you want you can just go chat with Lee Priest or Serge Nubert Bob Chic amongst others. I don’t see Derek Jeter or Ladanion Tomlinson or Hank Aaron spending time talking with the fans(and haters haha) one a public forum ever. It’s OURS and we are keeping it.