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The Best Thing About Body Building


I guess this is the other side to the "The Worst Thing About Body Building".

-Walking into the Gym and everyone saying hi to you.
-Seeing the people from your past who WERE bigger then you.
-Getting free stuff from your Gym.

What do you love about Body Building?


inb4 the pump




I used to hate the feeling of soreness, but after almost two months of lifting, i've missed it until I hit a successful 225lb 5x5 and I the next day my hamstrings and whole back feel near impossible to move without pain. In all honesty, I love the feeling. I place it somewhat near the enjoyment of getting my paycheck. Both feel like rewards for your work.

I love being able to eat more than ANYONE I know. When I tell someone I eat 3500-4000kcal a day they shit and immediately wonder how I lost half an inch on my waist and gained 3 pounds at the same time!

Go from having your friends not care about you working out to asking if they can go with you next work-out session, but I ask them if they are ready to completely remodify their diet and get up at 6 AM three days a week. The response is always "fuck no i'm not up before ten"


Dude your so fucking awesome. I wouldn't get up at 6AM either. Or 7. Or 8.


I don't even ask them that, I just ask:
- Wanna work out with me? Come to the gym in the morning.
- Morning? Heeeeell no.


  • I don't have a car yet, but my bike is broken and I don't want to walk.
  • I'll walk with you.
  • Nah, I'll pass.


Wow, I hate most of those things.

Being sore sucks ass, eating a ton gets annoying, and having new people work out with me just throws me off.

The best thing about bodybuilding is being able to post on awesome fucking websites like this then telling my friends about the website and asking them to go to the gym and making it seem so much more hardcore then it really is and when they say no I feel superior.

I just hope they never catch me at the gym.


The guys at work (when in a group) giving the gears about what/how much/how often I eat/workout...then later comes the "Hey can I get a few pointers about how to dump some of this fat and pump up a bit?".

Oh yeah, my payback in the group office - "Hey guys, time for me to eat again" and out comes the boiled eggs...enjoy that smell laddies!

All done in good nature though - typical army guys.



curling 60's then watching people struggle to bench that. oh and not having to have a personality


The journey! And the sudden looks women give you. Being a nerd that works with computers its really funny when they find out what you do for a living. Bet they never look at their IT guys they same way.


Your in full control.


That's one of the things people say. And then they fart and accidentally crap their pants.


Similar here, I love computers and games and people are surprised when they hear that. Most people don't imagine Guy who aspires to be an amatuer bodybuilder is also a videogaming nerd. I don't look the part.


Hahaha, I get the same reaction. Today's IT generation do not look the part of geeks and nerds but there are still a few exceptions... haha. The way I dress, act and look, they would never guess.

Best thing about body building, having the satisfaction of cumming after a pump.


LOL was not expecting to read that haha


The few seconds between reaching a goal and setting a new one.


having people ask if I play football, or if I am a exercise science major
seeing the look on their faces when I say "history major with a minor in legal studies"
seeing their faces as they imagine me throwing down in a courtroom haha


Asking for three scoops of chicken in my chipotle burrito and having the girl behind the counter do a double take.

Yes hon, I'm serious.


...asking for the same and having the girl look at you and go, "Of course" and then finding extra food in the bag when you get home that you didn't even order.


The self confidence and respect knowing that I am bigger, stronger and healthier than 99% of people I see every day.

The fact that my sports trophy is with me every where I go, no matter what time of day.

No longer being asked "do you work out"...but instead being asked "are you training for anything specific?"