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The best supplements?


I was talking with some buddies the other day, and they still stand by that old saying that protein and creatine are still the best supplements out there. I would like to know how any of you feel about this. Also, I needed some advice on these supplements. I have recently started using the Husker Power base strength training workout, and wanted some good supplements to implement in my training. Let me know what you think...thanks in advance!!


Then you better purchase the best tasting protein on the planet, Grow!


i don't consider proteins a supplement, rahter it is a macro nutriant and the protein powders just make it that much easier to get that macro nutriant. as far as creatine goes, get the creapure type from any brand name. i know a lot of them have it. if you want some supplements, get mag-10 and hot-rox. laters pk


v-12 for creatine, mag-10, 1-test vpx, powerdrive, methoxy-7, tribex.


Agreed. Protein powder is food to me.


Ya, I don't consider protein and MRPs ans supps, they are food.

My lost o' best supps: EC stacks (Ripped Fuel, MD6), Mag-10, ALA, flax seed oil.

Creatine never really did anything for me.


Just eat and GFH.


Creatine, livers and mass amino tabs with meals and a good protein powder is all you need for gaining or dieting.



What is the diff between what is in an amino acid tab and what you get in 25g of Whey? Is it that the amino tabs are concentrated?

Also, are BCAA tabs better or will the plain Amino Acid ones do the trick and be better for your $?

Thanks, Rene'


If your diet and training are not in order then any supplement (other than protein) is worthless.



Video games, because they keep my ass down and relaxing for proper recovery so that I don't suddenly go out to get piss drunk out of my mind.


What Ben and Burke said.

Nothing will ever replace food.


thanks guys for all the help. I have implemented a high protein diet as well. If I can just stick to it, I think that I will do okay. Thanks again!!


I guess the best supplements would really depend on what your trying to accomplish or what your goals are..

But overall for best supplements. My TOP 5 would be:

1) Protein Isolate (purest and highest % of actual protein)
2) Creatine
3) Glutamine
4) ECA Stack or some type of Thermo
5) Tribex 500 or some type of prohormone.


My top 5:

  1. chicken
  2. steak
  3. almonds
  4. cottage cheese
  5. porter or ale


tren is a great supplement, no i'm just messin with you. Protein isolate and glutamine I think someone previously stated. Your diet should be number 1 but a good protein between meals and glutamine right after your workout and again about 1 1/2 hours later should help you out. Also, I recently started taking ZMA. I think it's putting me into REM sleep faster cause I been havin longer dreams and I can actually remember them when I wake up.