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The Best Super Bowl Commercials

I figured someone would have started it already but I didn’t see it so here it is…

My vote goes to the one with Shaq as a jockey. A close second is the Doritos one with the mouse trap…

I think the topic hasn’t been created until now is because as a whole, the commercials sucked this year. My friends and I were wondering if the writer’s strike had anything to do with it.

I liked the Gatorade one with the dog drinking water and the one with Will Ferrell and Bud Light.

The only one that made me laugh:


“Do you like popsicles?”

Overall, the commercials were pretty lame. My favorite was the Under Armour Prototype commercial.

New faces include Brandon Jacobs, Bob Sanders, and Carl Edwards (very interesting partnership with UA and Edwards).

I hated the under armor and the dog drinking water.

I thought the one with Charles Barkley and Dwayne Wade was pretty good, too.

And as the overall commercials go, I agree they weren’t that great. I can’t remember many from last year but I remember thinking they were pretty good.

Commercials sucked, though the Will Ferrel one was genius.

Navy Recruiting had a professional film crew make a some recruiting stuff, we were told they would play one of the commercials during the Super Bowl, but it never happened.

Check out www.banditobrothers.com, go to viral, commercials, and branded entertainment and watch the stuff for Navy SWCC. ‘Boating Safety’ would have made a great Super Bowl commercial.

I vote for the Shaq commercial too. The rest weren’t very good. I guess this is one of those years when the game is better than the commercials. :slight_smile:

I liked the one where the mechanic is trying to jump start a car.

Will Ferrel was great. The mechanic gave me a good laugh. Shaq was pretty good. The Spider was completely unnecessary and disturbing to me. The mouse one was lame but when he jumped out it got cool, but got dammed hilarious when it cut back to the mouse kickin’ his ass.

Shaq the Jockey gets my vote. The car (which company?) commercial that had the badger nursing her pups. The lizard water was dumb. Pepsi “Night At the Roxbury” head bobble thing was dumb. That would have been funny, oh 10 years ago when it first came out. I enjoyed watching Timberlake getting drug around, although he wasn’t actually injured. Danica Patrick is hot, but the ad wasn’t.

As much hype is put into these every year, they were disappointing. Lame. Boring. It seems like the companies are trying too hard.

Victoria’s Secret Commercial


You know boatguy, you’re right. I liked the “Boating Tips” from the Navy a lot. Would’ve been better than most of the stuff out there. Although, for some reason that is completely unknown to me I really liked the lizard water “Thriller” thing. I think it was just so weird it made me like it. Overall, pretty bad though. Shaq was funny.

I enjoyed the Fedex giant pidgeon commercial. It may be sophomoric, but it made me laugh.

I thought the Audi R8 ad with the Godfather reference was pretty creative