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The Best Submission....Ever?


I don't come over this way very often, but I'm surprised no one has mentioned this, as I know more than a few serious fight fans on here. Did anyone see this fight? very active with great jujitsu work, absolute great bout, IMVHO.

This has to be one of the top 2, hell maybe the best submission I've ever seen. Certainly the rarest.

Video is edited to shorten fight.

From an interview....

Was there a point in the fight that you realized you could pull off that move or did the situation just fall into your lap?

It's something that I've always trained. Whenever I get put in a certain situation, I always want to have a few moves I can execute. It just so happened that I ended up with Masvidal holding the single-leg on me and that's pretty much a gimme. So right there, I just went for it and he didn't try to get out; he kind of just stood up. So I locked it up and I finished it, just like I did in training a bunch of times before.

I especially love the casual way he says "Masvidal held the single-leg...and that's pretty much a gimme." Gimme, huh? Things like this make me drool for the next stage of MMA evolution.


Sick. I'm gonna start following Bellator next season they run.


flying scissor heel hook is #1 in my book




Another impressive one


Any submission with the word "flying" before it is impressively full of win.


I'm not really impressed by the first submission, at all. The guy who got chocked out CLEARLY had no BJJ game. I mean if you get caught in some back asswards standing triangle like that... well fuck I could submit you!




Hahahah Masvidal would woop your ass. You could submit him hahahah. Dudes beaten Joe Lauzon and Yves Edwards.


Then what was his excuse? :wink:


I didn't say I could knock him out, just that if he got caught with some halfassed shit like that, then even I could submit him; and obviously it's more of a facetious statement than something I believe to be fact... well maybe.

Thanks for getting my back bigboss! Haha.


Shit happens


I remember seeing bas pull that off time but i cant find the clip anywhere. he threw a jab then rolled into it, pretty sick move.


They had fuckin great knockouts in 4 or 5 consecutive events. I was hoping that Masvidal would beat this guy, so we can see a showdown with Alvarez, but you can't complain with that finish either. No matter what, Bellator looks like lots of fun.

P.S. Imada nearly got the comaplata against Alvarez, after a brutal overhand right.


+1. This is the most impressive submission ever ( on Anderson silva O_O ) !


For me, the #2 is the strange maclovin' armbar on josh burkman at the Tuf 7 Final


triangles of any kind are my bread and butter when it comes to grappling. I'll go for an arm triangle, or leg triangle anytime I see an opportunity. The inverted leg triangle shown here is sick but the most deadly submission in BJJ is the crucifix

Helio Gracie (RIP master) himself said he'd never use this technique because its way too easy to kill someone. The triangle is a blood choke that will just make someone black out. This will actually break someones neck and spinal cord. Insta-death. There was only 1 time we seen this in the cage, but the guy that applied it used his elbow to knock the guy out instead of breaking off the neck crank. Dont try this at home kids.


I really like the flying submissions, but i've always been a fan of the standard locks and bars


Yeah, Big Daddy Goodridge's crucifix-elbows combo. Fuckin' brutal.