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The Best Stretches

If you had limited time, which strethces would you absolutely do?

Would you use forced relaxation?

I’d probably do backbridges, decompression hangs, toe touches, OH Squat stretch.

LOVE the Warrior Lunge stretch as pictured in the last installment of Mike and Eric’s “Neanderthal No More” series.

Other than that, I like the following stretches:

  • Standing IT band
  • Shoulder dislocates
  • Scorpions

Also, Mark Verstegen’s “Movement Prep” is invaluable to me.

Hey Chris,

Where is Mark Verstegen’s “Movement Prep”?


“Core Performance” by Mark Verstegen, published by Rodale Press.


“Movement Prep” is one part of the overall program.

Verstegen’s website is www.athletesperformance.com


It depends on what muscles need to be stretched, if any.
You need to do a stretching and postural test, to find out what muscles need to be stretched.