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The Best Star Wars Scene Ever


Here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtfejKs_mI4
1:55 is the best



I thought it was when Chewie and Han double teamed the Princess.



Forgot about that one lol.


When the Princess was in Jabbas palace. And you could see her naughty bits...


Good scene, my only problem with it is that R2 knows who Yoda is. He acts like he doesn't, either that or they are both just messing with Luke.



Wasn't R2's memory wiped at the end of episode 3? or was that just c3po?

Besides, R2 can't talk, what's he suppose to do, beep a lot?


Was this like extra footage in the directors cut or something?


Luke can talk to R2, and I don't think his memory was ever wiped, I could be wrong though. The way you can tell he doesn't recognize Yoda is because he takes the flashlight away, if he knew it was yoda, he most likley wouldn't have done that. Either that, or like I said, he did know and they were just breakin Lukes balls.



Best scene was when they tried to put Luke in the giant hole. Boba Fett, lighsabers, slave Leia, general bad-ass-ness. Check.


I dont recall any scenes in episodes 1,2, or 3 where yoda and R2D2 were together, that might explain why they dont remember each other. Besides if Yoda had seen R2D2, he would just look like another droid I guess.


The montage where Michael Jackson has yoda and R2 over to spend the night and Luke honesttagod sees nothing wrong with it, but then settles out of court for beacoup dinero.


Seems as good a reason as any for me to watch all 3 episodes this weekend. Now should I just go for the regular screenings or do directors/extended cuts count too?



If there is a scene with the two of them together in the exteneded scenes it counts.


Cool I'll see what I can find.



R2 and 3PO's memories were both wiped in episode 3


Good scene.

When Luke fights Vader in Return of the Jedi was friggin awesome.


No, I think only 3po's is. I just did a lot of reading online about it.

Apparently R2 and Yoda never come face to face on film, but the books or whatever have them meeting when Padmae gives birth to the twins. I think it's a lucas oversight, but there is a bunch of excuses about droid memory loss, or being wiped due to his 20 year service after the clone wars. They were both on the same battlefield in movie 3, so they could have run into eachother, and also most people agree, if you are hanging around jedis all the time, you are probably going to pick up a hologram of the master jedi once or twice. He is with anikin for some time before he turns to vader.



Yeah your right, R2's memory isnt wiped, just 3PO


that's why R2 says he belongs to "Ben" Kenobi in episode 4. come on guys, that's elementary Star Wars geekery.


Best Star Wars scene wasn't in any of the movies, It was in the Clone Wars first animated feature when Grievous took on those four Jedi and wiped the floor with them.