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The Best Songs Since Hasselhoff

I don’t know how much I can laugh at this when it is clearly a sign of the Apocalypse.


Origins: born in 1951 in Lansing (Michigan), Steven Seagal was the first Westerner to open a school of martial arts in Japan. The general public knew through his many films of action but it is another facet of his personality which emerges in 2004 ! This enthusiastic follower of Buddhism delivers an awesome album already
bubbling on the charts in France !

Ingredients: Steven Seagal delivers titles to the American ultra consonances (blues, folk) but also of more directed songs world (ragga, Arab musics). Surrounded by prestigious guests (B.B. King, Stevie Wonder…),
the actor adds a new cord to his arc!
To note: the presence of a poster dedicated inside the small pocket for all his fans! Click on photo below to go to the free MP3 page !

he sounds like eric clapton on vicodin.