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The Best Program for Size and Strength?


Can anybody tell me whats the best program for size and strength? Cheers.


WS4SB or Wendler 5/3/1.



Can somebody tell me what BB and DB stand for? I've searched the whole side and I still can't figure it out.




BB = Bar Bell
DB = Dumb Bell

Fuzzy beat me


Oh, really? :wink:


The best program for size and strength is the program that gets you big and strong.

This will be different for everyone and probably change several times throughout your life.



There is no magical routine for everyone, or everyone would be doing it. The best thing you can do is take on of the many fine routines on this site, do it, EAT, and see what happens.



"Starting Strength" by Coach Mark Rippetoe for the win please. Trust me buddy.


Yeah, if you're new Starting Strength is a great place to start. Get the book and go over the form. Once you get that down, start the program. You'll make the quickest gains of your life.