The Best Pre-Workout is Hatred

I’ve eyed that program almost every time you’ve posted it… might be time to pull the trigger on it lol.

I’ll look it over another time… much like how i gaze into the fridge at night hoping something sparks an interest. Right now, though, my chest is tore the hell up from the 14 chest sets i did the other day




Alright so I’ve re-hashed my Fortitude training template and it’s more accurate.

I’ll go ahead and put the disclaimer out there that I’m not doing the Loading sets properly as I don’t see how I’ll manage to secure the equipment I’d need for 3 different exercises in a busy gym. I would love to do this part as written (zig-zag), but instead I’ll work Rest-Pause and 2 isolation movements to failure.
I’ve also reduced the number of pump exercises, and cut out calf training entirely. I’m already rocking 17.5" calves untrained so I’m just going to coast here #nofucks.

Skipped Quad Ext. - machine had a line on the dmmn thing.
+15mins cardio, AHR 150BPM.


Okay so I’m gonna be honest, i looked at these, then looked at the volume they have in them - and I’m not sure i have it in me to do that kind of volume. Not with where my recovery is at currently, anyways. My rest periods arent as short as they used to be when i was a high volume kind of guy; i blame the heavier weights.

The equipment requirements are quite demanding as well. To be honest - there just aren’t any badass gyms where I’m at. DBs top out at 120lbs, all the plates are rubberized; it’s all “female friendly” and buckets of chains just seems to take away from that - so it doesn’t exist out here. Which is kind of bullshit tbh because theres about 500,000 people who live in the area i train, and nothing but commercial gyms :unamused:

Anyways, i do want to run his programs one day because it feels like a rite of passage, but that day wont be today - unfortunately. Thank you for the recommendations, I’ve got that comment saved for future use.

It probably is worthwhile to steal his arm day though. Fortitude doesn’t prioritize arms enough for my liking and my shoulders are too broad to only have 17.5" pythons :snake: :snake:


The chains I’d certainly say are optional, albeit fun. Everything else I totally hear you. If I’m being honest, I’m not recovering great lately myself. I used to be able to handle more volume than I can right now, but I think it’s because I’m shoving other stuff in there.


Weight: 210.9lb

Food (yesterday):
Cal: 2707
P: 244g
C: 245g
F: 85g (should be ~50g)

Fortitude Tier 1 Day 2

+Landmine Shrug Pump Set, 25x90lbs
+Machine Biceps Curl Pump Set, 15x85lbs
+15mins Cardio AHR 140BPM

Honestly, Fortitude is so similar to JPs training that i might just marry the two. I’m always flaky in Fortitude and IDK why, but I’m probably going to keep flopping around like a fish out of water until i land on something i like. Let’s see where my ADHD brings me.

Work bought me a smoker because I’m a badass so I’ll be getting back into meal prepping again (again).


Congrats on the smoker, and it was nice of them to recognize your badassness.

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Thank you. I can hear the dad jokes from here

Me: *sees wife by the smoker*
Me: Can somebody call the fire department? Cuz this bitch is smokin
Wife: Offended/aroused wife look (why is there no emoji for this??)
Me: :sunglasses:

Me: (to myself) God I’m so smooth with the ladies. *dislocates shoulder patting myself on the back*


I’ve been making Mountain Dog training work in a garage but I definitely don’t think I could make Fortitude work in a garage. Too much exercise variation and the muscle rounds really lend themselves better to machines.
My gym back in OK is not well equipped. Not sure if I’ll even be able to do my improvised hammer press.

Excited to see what your future training has in store! Avalanche and Project Colossus are low volume, high intensity PPL and High Evolutionary and Grand Master are low volume, high intensity using the base Split (legs, chest and shoulders (heavy), Back, chest and shoulders (pump), arms) just for future reference if you’re wanting to look at Mountain Dog programs down the road.