The Best Pre-Workout is Hatred

5/23/23 - Jordan Peters PPLA Push 1

Tattoo is healed up enough, so I’m back. Went maintenance mode last week… it was nice; worked some stuff out with the wife, leveled up a bit, had some good food, about to kill off a credit card… life is good.

Scale went up like 8lbs but I look more lean, because that makes sense. Probably going to start using diet breaks more regularly - I need to start working my TDEE up.

Anyone into watches? Just got this beauty with credit from work performance awards.


5/24/23 - Jordan Peters PPLA Pull 1

Woke up late and angry.

*Warning: some weights were harmed in the making of these gains*

Probably skipping legs. My knees really aren’t feeling too hot after the Hack Squat incident. It seems 8 plate Leg Press did them no favors either.

Class tonight, won’t be home until late so don’t wait up.


Had fun on our Death Valley trip over the weekend, will have to upload pictures. Didn’t do much hiking as the wife is still recovering from her stem cell treatment and kiddo has little fracture in her Tibia (a chip smaller than a quarter of a penny). That and it was 136 fucking degrees there.

We found out that the little one was selected for a spot on an elite gymnastics team. She doesnt know yet, but they’re going to surprise her with a visit to the house so she’s going to lose her mind.

5/30/23 - Jordan Peters PPLA Arms 1

Diet was trash all weekend (maintenance or deficit, just not enough protein). Somehow i look more lean and vascular… not going to question it and just be thankful for the gainz.

  • Removed DB OHP because my shoulders just aren’t having it on these ‘bro’ days.
  • Forearms are so pumped that I struggled to type this into my phone.

Oh and song of the day