The Best Pre-Workout is Hatred


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3/21/23 - Jordan Peters PPL Push 2

Weight: 209.6lb
Recovery: 50% (5h 40m slept)

+10mins sauna (was so hot i thought someone was trying to Final Destination me)
+12mins Hyperbed Tanning

  • Smith Bench replaced by BB Bench (RIP ego)
  • Cable Flyes replaced by DB Flye
  • Cable Lateral Raises replaced by DB Lateral Raises

Going to be trying a new work schedule… will be forcing myself to wake up earlier to train before work. Now I’ll only be waking up at 3am :skull:

Cal: 2035
P: 240g
C: 205g
F: 21g


3/22/23 - Jordan Peters PPL Pull 2

Weight: 208.1lb
Recovery: 50% (4h 53m slept)

  • Progressed on all lifts, a little too much on some.
  • Had one dude walk up to me and say “I’m trying to look like you. You’re the motivation this morning.”
  • Had another dude (fat, in his late 50s) say “I used to look like you when I was younger”. So that was an interesting display of the human condition.

Was up at 3 to make this happen.


Gross. Your commitment is outstanding.

This is fantastic. He is picking a great role model.


3/23/23 - Jordan Peters PPL Legs 2

Weight: 208.7lb
Recovery: 66% (5h 23m slept)

Another 3am scream-grunting session.

+10mins Cardio

  • Today was supposed to be a cardio/rest day… got 10 mins into LISS cardio before i got bored and hit legs. Holy fuck that was a bad idea. I should have stuck to cardio, hopefully that’s a lesson I learn this time.
  • I was getting actual nervous tremors prior to Leg Press. The weight and reps i need to push to continue progressing are getting genuinely intimidating, and now i have to put on an 8th plate :disapproval:
  • Leg pumps are still crazy and IDK why. Never had them like this before and nothing im taking should be giving me pumps.
  • Loaded Carries to follow. Probably just doing them at the house later to flex on the neighbors…

Will be moving to JP PPL Rest-Pause as this was the last session for this meso.

Cal: 2495
P: 256g
C: 251g
F: 46g
*will be taking a deload week before moving to Rest-Pause


3/27/23 - Jordan Peters RP PPL Push 1

If Jordan Peters and Dante Trudel has a baby, it’s program would look like this.

Weight: 210.0lb
Recovery: 43% (4h 44m slept)

Another 3am session in the books… it almost feels like I’m an adult. Scary stuff.

^ I lied because I’m not capable of taking it easy.

  • Will have to workshop Push movements after crushing triceps.

Cal: 2350
P: 192g
C: 149g
F: 106g

Class cut out early so I’m home early. If i don’t get cardio in tonight, it will be tomorrow morning. Maybe both, depends how froggy i get :frog:
Bloodwork coming up soon, will post to my TRT log.


Good job waking up early and getting your work done Andrew, keep it up!
Don’t stop!


That seems a theme on here, I’m just the same :rofl:


100% don’t believe - nobody else was awake and in the gym at 3am.

Good on you, man. Looks like the lower volume stuff really agrees with you.


Tell me you’re jealous without telling me you’re jealous :nail_care:

I want to point out the irony that of the 2 comments I got, that this is the one you don’t believe :joy:


Well, we were both in the military, so I know the planet is apparently full of people (in your last unit) that looked just like me, except that person was just a little faster/ leaner/ bigger/ stronger.

And, also, the person talking to me always was better than me at everything until he twisted his ankle once and couldn’t run for 2 weeks so gained 67 lbs.


It really is a sad story.

Dude had so much potential, he was going to go pro until he twisted his ankle 35 years ago. Life just isn’t fair :disappointed_relieved:


As a dude who legitimately packed on 40lbs after I tore my patellar tendon, I feel personally attacked.

Though for what it’s worth, 5 months later and still 40lbs heavier I ran 1.5 miles in 9:44, so I didn’t completely lose it haha


I gained well over 30lbs when I got out, so I get it, but my problem was still feasting like I was on leave but now it was just every day


Me too, mine went straight to the biceps.

Makes a man’s lower back hurt toting these things around, but if that’s the burden I have to bear…


3/28/23 - Cardio Day

Weight: 208.5lb
Recovery: 31% (4h 7m slept)

Noting fun or exciting today. Just working random skill stuff to get the heartrate up before being a treadmill lackey.

Toes to Bar

Band Pull-Aparts

BW Dips

I’m going to lose this fucking fat if i have to cardio the shit off me. Fucking tired of seeing it.

+15 mins Treadmill 3.5%, 3.3 speed. HR: 130-140bpm.
+20mins Stationary Bike lv10. HR: 140bpm

Cal: 2043
P: 238g
C: 161g
F: 44g


You get up at 3? Must feel nice to sleep in. I get up yesterday!

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3/29/23 - Rest (forced)
Slept about 3.5 hours this day. It just didn’t make sense to train like that.

Cal: 1510
P: 155g
C: 167g
F: 28g
^should have eaten more protein

3/30/23 - Jordan Peters RP PPL Pull 1

Weight: 208.3lb
Recovery: 55% (5h 1m slept)

Starting to like this role 3am iron therapy thing.

  • It’s like Groundhog Day for Biceps veins up in here.
  • Should probably follow this with LISS later today.

Progress Update
Going to try taking these every 2 weeks for more ‘real time’ feedback… not sure how much I can trust my scale currently.

^had 7 whole seconds to take this, so no judging. Location had to change a tad because there was an old dude blow drying his balls in my usual spot.

Cal: 2208
P: 250g
C: 225g
F: 27g


3/31/23 - Rest (forced)
Didn’t have time to train with school going on.

Cal: 2000
P: 246g
C: 131g
F: 46g


My good friend, I always make fun of people that give themselves this excuse, but I’ve finally run into it myself: I lost a couple pounds (finally!) this week after eating a couple hundred calories more and lifting a little less (cardio about the same, though).

I still haven’t figured out how to sleep, so whatever there.

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