The Best Pre-Workout is Hatred

No it’s a great idea actually because you still got your work done regardless, keep embracing situations like that.


This is right on the money.

I found myself finding reasons not to train. Not ideal nutrition, too tired, too sore, i just ate, I’m too hungry, not optimal… i need to stop this nonsense. That’s one of the main reasons i did this last night, and I’m glad i did.


Consider the nonsense stopped already Andrew, you started strong, you can finish strong.

The week is still young, could train twice a day, three times a day, shit…double up two sessions on one day at 12 am if you can. Don’t matter as long as you get it done.


3/2/23 - Jordan Peters PPL Legs 1

Weight: 211.2lb (?)
Recovery: 54% (4h 57m slept)

+12mins Hyperbed Tanning

  • Weight decided to go up despite being on diet. I think I’ve about given up on this metric, the mirror says I’m beautifuller.
  • The leg pump. Oh my God, the leg pump.

Was sick the past couple days. Not in the clear yet, but will be very soon; good enough to lift though.

Did some minor changes to the program. All exercises are the same, just reordered such that arm movements will always be performed first. The intent is to both stimulate better arm growth (because arms can never be too big) and to function as a bit of a pre-exhaust.
Heavy Push movements are definitely going to be affected, which will also help on the days I train at home because I’m in need of dumbbells >80lbs for multiple movements now.

3/5/23 - Jordan Peters PPL Push 2

Weight: 210.3lb
Recovery: 78 (7h 27m slept, RHR was 15 BPM higher than normal likely because of illness)

Home Gym today

Toes to bar

Sled Pushes
2 x 180lbx40yds
8 x 180lbx20yds
Minimal rest between sets, not tracked

  • I thought about MetCon and didn’t want to puke, so i took that as a sign i needed it to help clear out the lungs.
  • I may consider using Wendler’s Sled Push Challenge to help me get rid of these last 10ish pounds (that are desperately clinging to my midsection)

3/6/23 - Jordan Peters PPL Pull 2

Weight: 208.9lb
Recovery: 19% (3h 48m slept)!

+12mins Hyperbed Tanning
Skipped cardio for tanning because class. Clearly my priorities are straight (Lifting>LiterallyEverythingElse>Cardio)

  • Weights and reps went up for everything significantly, which is surprising because my sleep was hot garbage last night and had 0 carbs yesterday.

Overdue Progress Picture: 3/6/23
Last progress pic

^I told you it’s just my scale being an asshole.


That sounds awful. I don’t even want to know how you felt when you woke up.

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Legs, arms, abs basically all of you looking improved and awesome dude! Good effort!

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Looking absolutely jacked and stacked! Just had a few questions about your semantics in your log. First, shouldn’t the tonnage for hammer Curl be doubled since technically it’s 90 pounds for both arms together, the same way EZ Curl is 70 pounds for both arms instead of 35 each arm? My second question, I believe Kroc Row usually refers to a dumbbell about half your bodyweight for a really high rep, max effort single set. Is that what you’re doing, but doubling the set count? Sorry if these questions seemed stupid and I know you aren’t sleeping well, but I’m curious about these details!

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I mean it could be, but I’ve only ever tracked the weight lifted if that makes any sense. DB weight is the weight of one dumbbell, barbell/EZ curl is whatever the total weight is there. IDK I could adjust it, but I don’t know if there’s much point with the type of training I’m doing. I just had it as something to fill an empty cell that may prove useful in the future.

Maybe? My understanding of a Kroc Row was that it was literally a DB Row but with body english… If that’s inaccurate - then I’ve been doing whatever that is called lol.

Just following Jordan Peter’s training principles. I think I adjusted this one because I don’t believe in only training one plane of movement for lats, so I did heavy vertical and heavy horizontal - in a way that wouldn’t impact hamstrings for the following leg day.

No need to apologize, ask away!


Thanks for the reply! I agree that if you’ve been tracking it that way forever that it’s best to just continue it, it just stuck out to me when I compared it to the EZ Curl. Okay I see what you mean! I’m also on board with dumbbell rowing! Your use of the phrase Kroc Row was different from the context I usually see it used in, and could very well mean that as well, since Kroc is kind of known for using a lot of body English.

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It’s probably also consistent with my lack of availability regarding Dumbbells > 1/2BW too lol.
FWIW, these are all performed with a 1s iso and 3s eccentric.

Getting too thicc to be using the jazzercize weights anymore.

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3/9/23 - Jordan Peters PPL Legs 2

Weight: 210.0lb
Recovery: 78% (6h 23m slept)

+12mins Hyperbed Tanning
Toes to Bar (slow)
(Struggled here, blaming Zercher Carries)

  • last few days I’ve been off. Arguments with the wife, diet was off, mentally was off. But we’re back and everything is okay.

Good to hear.

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3/11/23 - Jordan Peters PPL Push 1

Weight: 212lb
Recovery: 96% (8h 56m slept, incredible)

Home gym today

Toes to Bar

Ab Rollouts

+10min walk around the neighborhood. Shirtless, to flex on the neighbors, obviously.

  • Had to drop weight on Incline DB, garage DBs only go up to 80. Should be 100lb x12, x7 for progression. Made sure tonnage increased with reps.
  • Weights/reps went up on everything. Significantly in come cases.

Daughter was ‘given’ a locker at her gymnastics studio because she’s kicking ass. She’s super happy/proud so I’m sure that will dominate conversation for the next few days.


3/12/23 - Jordan Peters PPL Pull 1

Weight: 212.7lb
Recovery: 55% (5h 15m slept)

Have class on Monday so I wouldn’t be able to train. Went late at night trying to get it in and not miss any training days.

When I finish with Week 4, I’m going to be switching from 2 working sets as written to 1 Rest-Pause set with same exercises. Might keep legs as-is because high rep leg stuff makes me feel like dying.


Directly from the source:


Quick update:
3/13 - rest
Forced due to class

3/14 - rest
Unplanned, started feeling a sore throat and didn’t want to risk crushing my CNS via leg day before getting sick.

3/15 - rest
Was right about getting sick and made the smart decision not to train. A rarity, a assure you.

3/16 - rest
Family got checked out at a clinic and tested positive for Bronchial Pneumonia, I’ve likely got this too. Body aches are very persuasive to make me not train, despite wanting to. If i start feeling better later on, I’ll be hitting legs.

Diet has been okay, could be better. Have been bumping carbs (some were definitely not healthy) to help kick this bug.


Accountability check.
3/16/23 - rest (still sick, almost trained but was probably the right call that I didn’t)
Cal: 1681
P: 153g
C: 164g
F: 48g

Need to do better on protein. Will be adding in Egg Whites when I get to the grocery store, inspired by @throwawayfitness.

Need to increase activity level. Will start tracking steps again (probably not logging, just making a conscious effort to hit 10k) and may start doing stretching routines with the family (daughter needs it for gymnastics, wife needs it for… umm… things, and I need it because I’m too stiff (not like that)).


3/17/23 - Jordan Peters PPL Legs 1

Weight: 208.9lb
Recovery: 85% (6h 28m slept)

+15min walk after lunch

Home gym today

Squats (instead of Hack Squats)
(Hitting 12 for two sets was a dumb idea)

+15min walk post-workout

  • Had some crazy pumps this session, not sure why. Took it somewhat easy because I’m not 100% from this bronchial pneumonia thing; feeling good, all things considered.

Cal: 1995
P: 243g
C: 153g
F: 35g