The Best Pre-Workout is Hatred

12/19/22 Jordan Peters Full Body B1

Weight: ?
Recovery: 40% (4h 49m slept)

+12mins Hyperbed Tanning

  • My relationship with squats is on the rocks, idk what’s going on there. Did 315x20 a few weeks back, now I’m struggling to hit 8.
  • Diet went off track. That’s what i get for pulling four 60-hour weeks in a row.
  • Good news is i get 2 weeks off from school. Bad news is that makes me want to buckle down for my Python Cert… i like making my life difficult so I’m probably going to sign myself up for it, then regret it.

12/20/22 - Active Rest

Weight: 212.3lb
Recovery: 79% (6h 4m slept)

30 mins Stationary Bike at lv10, Cardio Zone 3.
15 mins Sauna.

  • Should do the sauna more often… i feel great right now.

Cal: 1627
P: 226g
C: 92g
F: 33g


Okay, I’m back.

Have been studying for my Python Cert avg 8hours a day since last post. Had a 101.5 fever and bodyaches yesterday. Woke up today and they’re gone.
Strongly considering getting a membership at the local roido gym to give me some much needed competition.
Less talking, more working.

12/26/22 - Jordan Peters Full Body A2

+10mins sauna

  • kept weights and reps lighter to make progression possible on my days of shitty sleep.
  • actually enjoyed this workout. Need to have more sessions like this.

Went off diet again. I think I’m ready to get back at it.


12/28/22 - Jordan Peters Full Body B2

  • Trained with the wife, was good session.
  • Got warmed up with ~5hours of waiting in the car at LAX so i could generate lift before i generate lift.

12/29/22 - Jordan Peters Full Body A1

  • Another good session with the wife.
  • Hit 315x8 on Squats before the 225.
  • May be advising the wife and one of her gym buddies… might need to retrofit a JP program for them. More to follow

1/2/23 - Jordan Peters Full Body B1

Recovery: 97% (7h 48m slept)

  • Squats and I are fighting right now.

Progress/T-ransformation 2023 “before”

Weight: 214.9lb

^that’s just the pixellation being weird, I swear I’m not showing a nut.

Couldn’t decide on bloat or flex so i did a little of both… I’m very Taoist i guess. :yin_yang:


Looking great man!!
Question about your workout. Are the reps/weights posted top sets or are you just doing one set total per exercise with no warmup?

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Just top sets. Warmup as needed, usually something to the tune of 5x50%WW, 3x75%WW but depends on the lift.

Also do backdown sets at 50%WW after top set.

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That’s kind of what i figured. Just walking up and cranking out 10 FS at 315 would be nuts!

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1/3/23 - Rest/class

Weight: 213.8lb
Recovery: 39% (4h 42m slept, utter shit)

Drove through the most dense fog of my life on a windy ass road through the mountains with no service. Didn’t get home until 11, good times.

Cal: 2300
P: 184g
C: 152g
F: 107g

Semaglutide and L-Carnitine are in the mail.

Hoping for the year to look something like this (wife and i will be following the same rough plan)
Jan-Mar: cutting
Apr-Jun: maintenance
July-Sept: mild bulk OR cutting phase, depending on success of 1st cut.
Oct-Dec: cut fat gained during bulk and specializing OR maintenance and specializing

  • Wife is running the Paul Carter Valkyrie series, she’s on day 3 of Valkyrie Summer Shred and enjoying it a lot. This will be her cutting program. She will be using TRT, Var and Phentermine to help her get there. All bloods monitored and mild dosages across the board.
  • I’ll be doing my usual bullshit for training and using TRT at 180mg/wk, L-Carnitine and Semaglutide to help me with my cut. Have enough extra pharma grade test to blast if i feel it’s warranted.

^Not looking for criticisms here, we’re well informed and have everything on hand to mitigate risks.


Bulk in July??? Maybe this just doesn’t make sense to me, since I am in Minnesota since we only have a few months of shirtless weather. Bulking for me, makes sense from about October to March. Actually March is a bit late, since cutting always takes me about 3X longer than planned haha.

I’ll be following along to see how the Semaglutide works out. I’ve been interested in it for awhile now. What are you going to start out with? 0.125 mg twice a week? Does this stuff need to be stored in the fridge?

I’d say just be fine for now with the muscle looking flat and feeling weak. Once you are done cutting, a short blast will put all of it back on quickly. I think anabolics for cutting are a waste unless cutting down for a BBing show, or for a weight class in something like powerlifting or strongman. You could use a blast for 16 weeks while cutting and look great the whole time, or look slightly worse during the cut, then in 8 weeks of a blast with the same dosages look the same as if you had used the anabolics during the cut.

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Not a “no rules bulk”, really just a mild surplus… not enough to really be noticeable. I’ve never truly bulked before because I’ve always been too fat to - I imagine this will be a very productive time for me as I’m hoping for insulin sensitivity to be sky high at this point.

Honestly I’m not that sure - I may do what @swoops39 does and microdose nightly to avoid night time binge-eating AND sleeping through most of the sides, but I’ll have to do more research on this front. Yes, refridgerated.

Not even sure if I’m going to blast TBH, I need to see how other life factors play out - I’ll be finishing my degree this year, and likely getting significant promotions this year as a result. Not going to blast if I’m unsure how the following 12-16 weeks will look. Will play it by ear on blasting during cut or bulk, there’s two good arguments to that subject.


1/4/23 - Jordan Peters Full Body A2

Weight: 213.6lb
Recovery: 78% (6h 0m slept)

+12mins Hyperbed Tanning

  • Caught a massive headache about 4 sets in, almost called it quits but I’m glad I stuck it out. Struggled to keep my head in it for most of this.
  • Jumped up in weights for some of these, others were moreso just enough to call ‘progress’.

There was an almost surprising number of utterly untrained women in full makeup and $200 of Gymshark attire today. Hopefully the gym uses their newfound cash for some more equipment.


I really don’t miss training in a gym like that. The best thing I ever did was move to a meat head gym.

Great work on the incline BB press by the way

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Can you comment on the qty/price/dosage?

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Depends greatly on where you get it from, but I had it quoted from Defy Medical (prescribed) at around $250 for a 1mg vial which would last no more than a month (.25mg/wk minimum dose). Dosage can titrate up to 2mg/wk so you’re welcome to do the painful math of that one lol.

Found a couple different sources, one had quite a few reviews, purchases and I think even a Jano panel done on their stuff - they charged about $200 for 5mg of the stuff.

Unsure what my dosage will end up being, but I’ll probably start with .25mg/wk and see where that gets me.

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I found a source that has 2mg vials for $120 each or better pricing if you purchase more. Still would be expensive though. Thought about trying it toward the end of my prep when the food is low and hungry AF!!
When are you starting to use it? Would love some feedback before making a decision to order or not.

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It shows up in the mail today so probably today lol. Guess we’ll see what pans out as I do some more reading/research.

1/6/23 - Jordan Peters Full Body B2

Weight: 216.7lb
Recovery: 65% (8h 59m slept, whaat?)

  • Thought i was going to pop a blood vessel on leg press.
  • Finished DB Raises and Hammer Curls at home.

Pinned .25mg Semaglutide yesterday and am happily noticing no PIP after L-Carnitine injections. Hunger is much reduced already.


where’d you find nine hours?

well, an extra three or four anyway.