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The Best Overall Programs?


...are from Alwyn Cosgrove, Christian Thibaudeau, Dr. John Berardi, or Chad Waterbury?

I dont know much about their programs. As of now CT comes up with some good ones! (about to start superhero program)

who do you think does? and what programs do u like?

post links if you can!!


Too many goals. Fat loss? Strength? Size? Athletic performance? Combination?

All of the authors you mentioned have written some great programs, but YOUR goals determine which one YOU need to do.

I read your other thread where you said you are now 160, what's your height? What do your current numbers look like? While I comment on the super hero program directly, there are a lot better programs out there for someone with a young training age.


hey daltron thanks for the reply. I just turned 20 and last winter I bulked from 130 to 160. my arms are about 14 not flexed, chest is 42 or 44 I believe and waist is 31 (wold like to get that down actualy). So Im not a big guy but Im certainly not skinny I have some good shape to me. My goal is to build muscle and get to about 175ish. I of course want to focus on everything and get everything bigger but namely arms, chest, shoulder, and calves (reason being me wanting to try the Super H program). Based on that is there a few routines you could direct me to or do you think super H would be ok? Ive heard nothing but good things about Super H!

thanks again!


I'm sure the SH program is good, but it's not best for you at this stage. If I were you I would focus on a total body program that includes a lot of compound movements like bench, squat, dead, etc. You'd put on more size and strength than doing a traditional body building split.


you may be right. I may work with that for a while. Im a frequency kind of guy so I like specified training because it allows me to workout a lagging bp more often for more gains.


You've come to the right site. There are more than 1 ways to skin a cat. To get to your goal there all the above mentioned guys are good. Thib is in my opinion, the best of the bunch and Berardi is excellent on nutrition.

Make sure you get a program that you you will stick to and as mentioned by someone else, make sure you get into the deadlifts, squats, and the rest of the money exercises. Many a beginner will spend too much time on exercises that won't do much for you and too little time on those that will.

All the best.


Sorry forgot to do this. I'm a big fan of the Westside for Skinny Bastards template. My goals are different from your's but people have put great size on by following this template.


All the links and information are in the first post.