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The Best of Test 2002

Heya T-Freques. Thought I’d start a thread to gather everyone’s vote on the best T-mag articles of '02. Of course we can divide categories into Training, Nutrition, and Other. Whilst we’re at it, What was the best Atomic Dog?

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My favorite Atomic Dog is 221 - How to Succeed in Business and in Life – “Be one of the sheep. Sheep get to eat clover all day, frolic in the fields, enjoy sunlight, screw, and only have to shave once a year. Of course, once in awhile they’re slaughtered and end up on a plate with some mint jelly, but no situation’s perfect, is it?” f-in beautiful. Favorite diet article was Fat Roundtable 2.

Gotta love the “Thailand Trilogy” by Shugart. I was glued to the screen.

My favorite Atomic Dog is “Write the Check” for sure.

There is only one article I have read this year that has stuck out to me. It was one of the first articles I ever read on T-mag, and at the time I had no idea such freaks existed. That's right, I'm talking about "The Most Hated Man In Bodybuilding." I just remember being at work, emailing my friend and being like "can you believe his arms?!?" I had just never seen a freak before, so it was eye-opening.

The End of Genetic Limitations
An Interview With Dr. Bruce Nadler.

I never thought I'd use gear until I read this article. Bring on the fountain of youth BABY!

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Kahuna, that article is 3-4 years old. The original thread says “Best of 2003”. But hey, that WAS a good interview! T-mag should talk to “Nads” again.

As for me, I can’t pick just one, although the newer writers like Waterbury and Thibaudeau have had the biggest impact on my training. Can’t wait to see what’s up in 2003!

Issue #196 February 15, 2002: Escalating Density Training by Charles Staley


I’ll have to say it’s the one article that I practically advise anyone here to read: “Dawg School - Basic Training for Beginners: The Bodybuilder’s Hierarchy of Needs.” www.testosterone.net/articles/201dawg.html

Damn good article. It's good for newbies, and it's especially good for the veterans of the iron game as a refresher. Another good one, is Christain Thibaudeau's "Money Exercises", www.t-mag.com/nation_previous/02.html

Overall, I think 2002 was a exceptional year. If you spend some time looking through, you'll see that it's really difficult to pinpoint THE article. There's so many. Which I thought, Joel Marion's "Ripped, Rugged, and Dense", www.t-mag.com/nation_previous/02.html - as another good one. It's good for people who really need to see firsthand that there's no need to be in the gym 5-6 days a week. Helps that I also like the 5x5 program.

Easy, Ron Harris issue 291, atomic dog, great writing, sad but true.

im gonna have to agree with busterk9. i think edt, both phase 1 and 2 are two of the best articles of the year, and definetely in the top 10 ever for tmag. i did each for 4 weeks, and the hypertrophy was incredible, and it was one of my favorite workouts i have ever done. so yes, the EDT articles get my vote. and even though the dead pool is an annual article, i get a huge kick out of that.