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The Best Next Cycle?


I have done 5 cycles b4. I am trying to see the best cycle next. I can run either tren at 200 mg weekly or deca at 400 weekly

My main goal is to get stronger while leaning out

My cycle

Gh 2iu Ed
Test c 500 mg/week for 1-14
Either tren Or deca 1-10
Winny 100mg Ed week 11-14

Adex .25 Ed
Pct nolva and clomid.

What do you think?


I think that running the tren would yeild better results if you are not susceptible to tren sides. Also IME 200 tren will cuase more progesterone/ gyno problems than 400 deca so keep a close eye on it. If it were me I think I would also cut the winni down a little (75mg ED) and just start it a week or two sooner. Looks like it otta do the trick though, good luck.


I assume you are reffering to tren-E, have you ran tren-a before?...
Deca aint the best idea for 10weeks unless you frontload it...
Is your winny oil or oral?...


ok im running test c and deca at 500mg/250mg a week for 16 weeks. im also running 50mg ed anadrol weeks 1-4 and 12-16. this gives me the best option for gaining strength and losing weight. im going to be starting gh at the 2ius a day to help cut body fat. PCT will not change and neither will the ai.

running the test/deca at 2:1 has the best chance of combating deca dick as my wife would be mad as hell over that :slightly_smiling:

what do you guys think?


Theres no mention of caber or prami...
What week do you intend to stop the deca?...
Have you ran deca before? what was the dosage?...
Tren in my opinion is far better for strength and cutting abilities, although if you havent used tren-a then I personally wouldnt recommend tren-e...


not sure what caber or prami is. if tren-a is the one created from finaplex then i have done it. I plan to stop deca on week 16.