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The Best Natural PB!


I just picked up some Skippy Natural Creamy PB from the store. It was weird cuz it is no stir and it looks just like commercial PB. So I get home and pop it open and stick my finger in to taste it and i go back for seconds and thirds! This stuff tastes even better than regular PB!


Damn straight!


I think the best natural PB is from a Trader Joe's grocery store. It is a chain of speciality grocery stores, and it is reasonably priced.


Check the label, it's got sugar in it.


Don't know if it's better than the real thing, but I would say it's equal for sure. The Smucker's tasted like shit.


I think smuckers is very good also. I've tried a few others and this stuff is just awesome.


The best tasting natural PB that I have tried is Nature's Promise Organic Peanut Butter. The Smucker's brand is ok, but doesn't taste as good.


That's where I got mine too. Then I tried the 365 Peanut Butter from Whole Foods and like the taste much better, though I think it's slightly pricier.


What are the ingredients from the label?


and palm oil...sorry to be a buzz kill.


I dont know about that skippy stuff. Any natural PB that doesn't have that oil layer on top is VERY suspect for me. I just can't seem to get my head around that when EVERY other natural brand has that oil and one of them doesn't.


I go to trader joe's too dude! Great food.I got this organic peanut butter the other day.Very palatable.No trans fat too.


Natures promise is great too! I buy thator smuckers when I can't get the other stuff.


Children of bodom fucking kick-ass man!\m/ Have you seen 'em live before? I almost broke my ribs in the mosh,lol.


The best PB is SANITARIUM (strange name) natural PB. it has no sugar, no salt, no artifical flavours, coloring or preservatives, so pure, you have to stir it every time, cause the oil separates from the peanuts LOL, but hey, tastes great, without the added, sodium, sugar and chemicals


Ok, I should have known why there is "no need to stir", palm oil is solid at room temperature, which means it will kill me. FUCK! I really liked this stuff! Damn you Skippy!


Yeah, what is palm oil anyways? It's trans fat free and I'll deal with a couple grams of sugar for a taste that good.


But damn it so do Grow! bars!!! OK, I just totally flipped out.


Unlike other natural oils, palm oil is stable at room temperature.

Palm oil dissolves uniformly when heated and solidifies as it cools, without separating from the food. This effect binds baked goods so they won?t fall apart and creates a desirably homogenous, creamy texture in peanut butter.
Palm oil increases a food?s shelf life.

Palm oil has a pleasant flavor.
Although palm oil?s stability is due mostly to its relatively rich saturated-fat content ? when compared to many less stable natural liquid cooking oils ? the alternative for a similar effect is "partially hydrogenated vegetable oil," the ubiquitous euphemism for synthetically saturated monounsaturated fat, a.k.a. "trans fat."

If "saturated monounsaturated" looks like an oxymoron, that?s because it is. The presto-chango hydrogenation of oils is alchemic sleight-of-hand, which carries a whole host of known health risks that far outweigh anything associated with natural cooking oils. And the popular supermarket brands of peanut butter and crackers use these synthetic hydrogenated fats.

so in short a little extra saturated fat for stability in packaged foods...


Powerbutter is the best natty PB out there, with the best mixture of healthy ingredients and added protein. However, it's somewhat expensive and no way it has 32g of protein per serving. It does have a better nutrient profile than regular natty PB, with Flax Seeds and Oil, Egg Protein and Peanuts. Taste is outstanding. Just a warning that I have seen some testing on it in the past that disputed label claims on the protein, all other ratios seemed about right.