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The Best Movie You've Never Seen


Anyone see "Saint Ralph?"

The weird, pudgy dude at Blockbuster told me to rent it, and he looked like he really knew movies. So I did, and it was fan-freakin-tastic.

See it.


I strongly encourage everyone to rent/buy the movie "Disco Godfather." A movie like this one comes but once in a lifetime.


What's it about?


Yeah, that looks pretty badass.


"Falling Down" with Michael Douglas was a pretty good one I'm sure a lot of you haven't seen.


Great fucking movie.

I'll had "The Power of One" to the list.. another great one that most people haven't heard of.


Primer is a decent flick (sci-fi, time-travel).
I didn't know about it until I rented it earlier this week.


Did that take place in Australia? I saw that and it was really good - but I read the book several years earlier and it was great.


Boondock Saints and Equilirbium if you havent seen either of those they are great. Especially Boondock Saints... one of my all-time favorites.


"The Power of One" was an awesome flick. Some cool boxing scenes in there...

Acogida, which "great fucking movie" were you referring to?


I saw it.


If this is the movie I am thinking about then "Put your weight on it, put your weight on it!!".


If you watched the old Aeon Flux's then rent the new movie, it's great.

Godfather I and II

The Big Lebowski


You really need to watch "Overnight", about the making of Boondock Saints. I hope it won't ruin Boondock Saints for you. It didn't for me.


I second Boondock saints

Also poolhall junkies


"The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover" from Peter Greenaway.
I also recommend "the baby of macon" and "the belly of an architect" from the same director.

Nobody makes movies like he does. It's pure visual poetry.


'Closer' with Julia Robers, Clive Owen, Natalie Portman, and Jude law.


"Shaun Of The Dead"


"Funny Games" (German w/subtitles)
"Stratosphere Girl"
"The Professional"


Falling Down. Definately one of my favorites. Not sure if I would classify it as a comedy, but I laughed the whole way through all the same.

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