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"The Best Men Can Be" Gillette Commercial


Lol Warning - the link is graphic


I thought they banned gay conversion therapy. I sure hope everything works out for you.


I wouldn’t know, don’t pay attention to that shit. Leave it for guys like you to ruminate over.


Re: “No one hides behind a feminist” - Why not? I supposed they would make good human shields.


I see why your name is “The Myth”, the myth is that excessive soybean consumption causes high estrogen when there are clearly other underlying causes.


So you’re an expert on gay conversion therapy and high estrogen - that’s quite a CV.


Only after talking to you, now I know more than I ever wanted to.


Will you two just hurry up and put your Willys inside each other. It’s not masculine to have such a flirty back and forth in public.


Are you happy that you finally found yourself?


Are you my soybean-fueled alter-ego?


I eat soy pudding almost every other day. Lots of it. No big deal.


it shows… :wink:


I find this Gillette commercial to be as pointless as that “Throw like a girl” commercial from Dove. Common sense isn’t common anymore.

And then I just have to laugh because when I see this commercial, all I can think of is that time I witnessed my mom smack the shit out of my dad with a cast iron skillet because he grabbed her arm too hard, after she told him to let it go.


Shaddup beta cuck!!!


That’s what a soyboy* would say

*I have no fucking clue what a soyboy is.


You know damn well what it means.

The war on estrogen is a thinly veiled war on women! SHAMEFUL!


Sorry, I just started my monthly subscription to Femdom weekly and it hasn’t cum yet!


it’s like you get me


Most of them are rather plump, they would make ideal shields.


And then there’s Peta