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"The Best Men Can Be" Gillette Commercial


The Metoo and toxic masculinity thing has the same problem, there are some serious issues but they aren’t going to be resolved if half the population see this as an attack against them. All those girls that Harvey Weinstein fucked knew what they were getting into, it was common knowledge from a long time ago that actresses had to have sex with various executives to get roles. Marilyn Monroe made some comments on that as well. Even Will Smith’s ex-wife said she walked in on him giving a Hollywood producer a blowjob.

The entertainment industry is fucked up, if you want to be a part of it this is what you have to do in most cases. But as a result of this nonsense, now some girls who don’t get a call back from a guy they slept with are calling the cops and saying they were raped because now they feel bad about it. If a woman who has had a few drinks can’t consent (and I don’t mean passed out) then how can a man in the same situation form the intent to commit a criminal offence? It seems like nowadays in some circles to be raped, or accuse someone of raping you, is a badge of honor of sorts, and not only that but if “all victims must be believed” then women can use false rape accusations against any man they have any issue with and he’s automatically screwed.

For actual rapists, I don’t think that the death penalty or castration are unreasonable. But they are trying to criminalize non-criminal behaviour, and in the process making rape seem like a trivial offence, similar to a parking ticket.


Some just need to learn this quote and take it to heart…


yep mine also


I’m not talking about other forces in play so much as different approaches that address the same issue, although there are a lot of societal forces that get us where we are. We need to have the physically and emotionally strong people who are willing to step up and say something, or do something if it comes to that. There need to be reasonable standards for what is an acceptable way to behave, taught by parents and reinforced by the community. There will be some variation in those standards depending on where you live, what your religion is and so forth, but being decent to other people should be pretty universal. When it comes to places of work or schools, there need to be very clear standards and methods to enforce those standards, as well as ways to hold those in charge accountable.

That’s a good start, but there’s plenty more that could be said. Of course, it’s easy to type that stuff out on a keyboard, and a lot harder to implement in practice. I think the commercial is trying, only somewhat successfully as I said, to say that having people be willing to step up, and teaching kids right from wrong, is a good first step.

A big part of what it’s missing in the commercial is that judgement needs to be exercised, and you better have a clear idea what you’re stepping in on. Not everyone will recognize the difference between a group of kids horsing around, and a kids or a group of kids bullying someone. It’s easy to spot a strawman sexual harasser or bully, but in reality it can be a lot less clear-cut. I’ve seen situations where there was no question that intervention was needed, and others where it was hard to say. The best way to learn the difference is to just pay attention to what’s going on around you, and if the commercial can get some people to do that more often, it’s done some good, whatever the motive of the folks at Gillette who made it.


I went to college with a guy that fought fires every summer. Back in the 90’s


Gillette is getting their lunch eaten by Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s - their market share was at one point 70%, but has now sunk to less than half, with the downward trajectory only steepening and accelerating.

Part of me wonders if they released this crap to boost their sales of their Venus womens razors. That’s currently their only product segment not being eroded by direct-to-consumer competitors.

Double-edge razors for life. One blade does a better job than the new Mach (Insert number here…8?)


I always liked this quote


I love that quote, it’s right up there with Teddy Roosevelt’s ‘man in the arena’ quote, as far as good, pithy life advice.


Brings a proud little tear to my eye when a spontaneous game of “Smear the Queer” breaks out at the playground.


BTW, I guess some of you toxic motherfuckers would call me a soy boy (lol, the MF sobriguet is used with love).

I never bullied anyone but beat the shit out of a lot of bullies. Very agro as a youth.

Now, at 55 I am in yoga teacher training and going vegan, sort of, just can’t seem to get off that Ribeye habit.

Never eat or drink soy, that shit fucks up your system. But I do try to minimize animal protein and exploiting animals because of the carbon footprint and the moral issues.

I’m 6’1", a buck eighty, fifteen percent bodyfat according to my sneakers. I’m a martial artist, sort of, green belt in Kempo, and am currently doing Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. I’m not learning how to be a sensitive man, I’m learning how to be myself.

And if any of you pussies want to challenge me, come spend a weekend with me at teacher training.

If you know me, you know this post is tongue in cheek. But I would invite you to reassess your view of masculinity. I never got too serious in lifting, at 54 and 195 I benched 225, squatted 290, Dl max was 315, and OHP was 155 (my best lift by far). But, this yoga shit is far more challenging than I expected.

So don’t call me a soy boy bitches (again, tongue in cheek).



Who’s cheek(s) are you putting that tongue in, Soy Boy? :wink:

(and seriously, when/how do you use “who’s” vs “whose”?)

edit: googling tells me I should’ve used “whose”


Your wife’s, lol.

Any time there is an apostrophe, it shows there is a letter missing. So who’s becomes who is - the apostrophe indicates the letter i is missing.

So whose is a possessive pronoun, who’s is really who is.

Less complicated than the objective and subjective case issue of who and whom, another pet peeve of mine.

Also, I just love to come back with “That’s what she said.”


I had no idea you could become a soy boy without even eating soy. Scary stuff. Sorry to hear about that.


There are other stories not quite as quaint. I don’t know where or how he learned elbow strikes, but I do know there is one kid that will never fuck with his trains ever again though.

Little bugger hits like a truck when he has to!


I’m divorced because of where your tongue’s been.

I don’t even try anymore with who and whom. I just avoid it and rephrase.


You should know. Soy doesn’t make you a soy boy, you just are.

Can we consider this your coming out post?


If you would use him, it’s whom. If you would use he, it’s who.

Did you give it to him, to whom did you give it.

Who went to the store, he went to the store.

Subject of the sentence is who, object of the sentence is whom - subjective versus objective.

Arcane shit, doesn’t really matter.


Are you trying to flirt with me?


Lol, I think you might be projecting. Law of attraction bro.

Unless you have two XX’s, I’m not flirting.

This just seemed toxic, male patriarchy shit. I think I might need to speak to my counselor about you.

Pray for me bro.


I don’t care what you do this is an A+ obscure reference.