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"The Best Men Can Be" Gillette Commercial


I see it a bit differently. I see it more similar to when people say “Save the whales”. They are not saying that other animals deserve to die and are not worthy of preserving, but simply that they are advocating for specific treatment of a specific animal. “Keep Lake Tahoe Blue” is a common bumper sticker in CA, and I don’t think about those that display it on their bumper “What an asshole. Don’t they know ALL lakes deserve our attention?”.

So, when someone says BLM, I say “Damn right”. I don’t look at it as saying “Black lives ARE ALL that matter”.

Lastly, I may be wrong but I see BLM as more of a slogan and movement. Not a structured organization that has recognized leaders who are in place to speak up against those that use BLM as an excuse to riot or incite violence.

My 2 cents.


I have a gillette but this discussion has brought safety razors to my attention and I will probably buy one of those when this razor soon bums out. They seem a far better option.

Not because of the ad itself but because of the options brought up as a result of this discussion.


I don’t know; less than the general “white” population, anyway.

But yes, on the Mescalero (Apache) reservation, at least, we mock the crap out of her and various other “silver pony tails” (our name for fakes like this).


What’s far-left about breaking down the U.S. nuclear family idea that only really came about starting from the 1920s or so?


Are you in NM? Near Ruidoso?


My wife got my safety razor setup from Vermont Country Store…nice lime scented shave soap, the cup with a fluted top, the badger brush, and the razor itself.

The blades however are Gillette…and I haven’t found an adequate replacement brand. I tried the German made ones they sell at Target, but even with my facial hair rating just above peach fuzz, I still had trouble getting a clean shave.

If @flipcollar has an alternate brand, I’m all ears.




Did you notice that safety razors took longer to use? I’ve been considering them for a long while now, but given how busy my mornings generally are, I have yet to pull the trigger for fear that it will add time to my routine


I would buy a sample back of a bunch of blades. I think I saw one on amazon with like 15-20 options. There are a bunch out there to try. Like I said, the bic platinum are my go-to. Really it depends on how sharp you want the blade. the sensitivity of your skin combined with the type of hair you have will likely lend itself to a particular blade or 2. I bought a sample pack to start, would use a blade for a couple or 3 shaves, discard it, then try another. And I made notes on each. That gave me an idea of how much I liked the blade fresh, and how it felt after a couple uses. Some blades don’t really feel good even after 1-2 shaves.


yes, for sure. my shave process is much longer than what the average person does.

but it’s not a crazy amount of time. Maybe 5 or 6 extra minutes? So just get up 5 minutes earlier, and you’ll be fine :slight_smile:


Yes. Although I am sitting in a fieldhouse somewhere north of Seminole, TX at this exact moment waiting on assholes to finish a pipe tally.


How do you figure that nuclear families were not the norm until the 1920s? Maybe that’s when it became a common term.

" A nuclear family , elementary family or conjugal family is a family group consisting of two parents and their children (one or more).[1] It is in contrast to a single-parent family, to the larger extended family, and to a family with more than two parents. Nuclear families typically center on a married couple;[1] the nuclear family may have any number of children."


The problem is that they are fighting for a valid cause (stopping police brutality and unjustified shootings) but the way they are doing things is alienating the rest of society. These are issues that affect all races, so perhaps a movement/organization that was not focused only on the rights of one race would be more successful. When you combine the advocacy for only one race with attacks on random white bystanders on a regular basis it makes sense that many white people feel they are under attack. If there is one thing that BLM has accomplished, it’s increasing racial tensions in a country that has more than enough of that already.

On the other hand, I find it odd that nobody protests when a white person is wrongfully killed or otherwise brutalized by the police. That doesn’t make sense either.

You are wrong, it is an actual organization. In Toronto the main thing I saw about them in the news was their opposition to the presence of police at the gay pride parade. Seems like the gay/trans agenda is a big part of what they are about. The police don’t kill a lot of people over here, there was one case a few years ago in Toronto they were protesting and one in Ottawa.

In any case, I don’t support police killing unarmed black people or those who otherwise pose no threat. My issue with BLM is the way they are doing things, and the other parts of their agenda. Police should definitely be held accountable for their actions, but if you have to take sides between the police and some guys who will pull you out of your car and beat you in the road then which side will you pick?

This kind of stuff makes me glad I don’t live in America.


Pretty sure 99% of America (if not more) does not deal with any of these things other than on the internet. I’ve lived in the states my entire life and have never had to pick between rioters and the police, and nobody I know in real life has.


I thought the advertisement was humorous because the demographic they were marketing the advert to was MEN, what customer base wants to be told they’re pieces of shit that need to improve their behaviour, whoever came up with this advertisement probably single handed caused Gillet to lose millions of dollars and will thus be fired quickly lol.


So I guess I am suppose to feel guilty that I have a penis?


I don’t mean so much the actual riots and that kind of stuff but just all the racial tensions.


It actually pretending to be directed to men while its really directed to women.


Must be transsexuals


I don’t even understand the message.

Is Gillette the preferred razor for shaving your butt? Where was that in the ad?