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"The Best Men Can Be" Gillette Commercial


Not implying you, but the general outcry I’ve seen in various social media outlets, is that people really seem to be knotted up over this. If I got as wound up as these people do over everything that I dont align with, I’d be fucking exhausted. It’s no wonder everyone is crying depression and anxiety nowadays.

However, I agree the point has been exhausted.

I just wish this black and white moral delimma mindset would phase out. I always grew up with the previous generation being ridiculed for being “stuck in their ways” while my generation patted themselves on the back for being open minded… well… were not. Everyone is… progressively close minded? I dont really know a better way to phrase that. Yeah, my generation seems to be keen to “equal rights” but to an aggressive fault. Everyone has these beliefs they seem to die for, but there are multiple combinations of said beliefs, with a lot of overlap, and they vilify anyone that has even one dissimilar virtue.


Does Gillette make the old straight razors? I think it would be pretty difficult to neuter yourself with the new-style razors. New product made for neutering yourself to be released soon?


Make sure you use a safety razor.


I switched to Harry’s after looking at their cartridge prices for about a second.

They’re awesome. I have this porcupine quills like facial hair that takes 2 Gillette cartridges to shave smooth if it gets a little shaggy, but I get 4 shaves out of 1 Harry’s cartridge.


I think this is the key. The outcry, like with almost everything else we see/hear about today, is just on social media. I agree with your other post. I’m a straight white male that gets along with everyone in real life. People act like social media is a completely different reality and I guess in some respects it is, but that’s where the “outrage” is.

I look at this the same way I do the Nike ad with that fucking moron Kaepernick and the whole kneeling for the anthem stuff. Okay, Nike chose a divisive guy for their ad, so what? I’m not going to toss the hundreds of dollars of Nike gear I have because of a marketing ploy. Plus, who else does Nike sponsor? How about a guy like Larry Fitzgerald, who seems to be a genuine stand-up guy that does a metric shit ton for the community. So, I’m going to shit on his efforts because some Marketing VP wanted to take a risk on a controversial ad, Nah I’m good. Same for the NFL, I like football and 80% of the guys are standup dudes that love the country and the opportunity the NFL provides so why would I stop watching because some chuckle fucks won’t stand for the anthem? Kinda dumb, IMO. Obviously, people are free to do what they want, though. That’s the beauty of this country.


well since we’re talking about favorite razors now… lol. I’ll share mine. I use a merkur 34C safety razor (or at least I did when shaving was a part of my life, lol) https://www.amazon.com/MERKUR-Classic-MK-34C-2-Piece-Double/dp/B002A8JO1Q

I’ve tried a lot of blades with it. My favorite has been the bic chrome platinum. I also like the Wilkinson Sword.


I get what you’re saying, but with Kaepernick it’s more of a political issue and Gillette is telling men to stop being men and blaming us for the actions of some fools. Wearing Nike products makes you look like you might be a communist sympathizer but using a Gillette razor makes you look like a limp-wristed sissy. Which is worse?

Black lives matter is messed up, but I actually think that this kneeling for the anthem thing is not such a bad idea. I’m also not American, but if it was in Canada I would look at it the same way. What I see as a bigger problem is all the riots their supporters have taken part in, as well as attacking random white people who weren’t bothering anyone. There was a video from one of their protest/riots in Milwaukee after a black man was killed in a shootout with police (hardly controversial), they were blocking traffic and pulling white people out of cars and beating them. If you are looking to get the rest of the country to support your cause this is not the way to go about it. The other problem is that they are turning this into a white vs. black thing when white people are also victims of police brutality and unjustified shootings. It should be a movement against police brutality/shootings, instead they are just inflaming racial tensions.


I’ve had a beard for about 5 years or so now but I use a DE safety razor on my neck and cheeks - I don’t have a merkur - my handle I got through Rocky Mountain Barber Co - it’s a wood handle but merkur always have great reviews - I’ve tried both a long handle and a short handle.

I use Astra platinum blades and haven’t had any issues with them - glad I made the switch from those shitty cartridge razors to safety razors oh so long ago … probably saved a good $150 - $200 / year since


The Astra are nice too, I’ve given them a whirl.

I don’t really trim my own beard anymore, I go to a barber once a month and get my lines re-done. I’m lazy, lol.

Also, my barber is good friends with vanilla ice. He’s been on Ice’s home renovation show on HGTV, and he’s been a dancer on stage with him for years. Last year, he got to work at the NFL draft, doing hair/beards for the players who wanted it. Pretty cool shit, he lives an interesting life.


I watched it without sound because I’m in my office and all I have to say is that slutty bitch in the kitchen was asking for that


I’m of the opinion that this is just a part of marketing.

But let’s say they’re really playing identity politics, as in there’s an actual political agenda. The last thing you want to do is get baited into playing the same game by acknowledging that “men” exist as a seperate group and fighting for this group.

That’s how commies bait you, guys. You will not win because they will play the morality game along with this. Men are recognized to be in a position of power, be it physical or social ranking. The way the game is played is they piss you off, then play the victim after you start attacking.

Don’t play this game with them.


That looks like a damn fine tool. I’ve thought about getting a nice kit like that but I talk myself out of it on price. Then drop $30.00 a pop in cartridges?

Kinda silly when written out like that.


The only person that sees me shave is my wife and I give her the best 3 minutes of her week on the regular so I’m not worried about looking like a limp-wristed sissy.

Beside, I’ve never let a product or company tell me how to be a man. Gillette ain’t gonna be the first. A lot of men; including, some if not all of the dipshits that were involved in this video are probably shitty dads anyway. I’m not about to their advice.

I probably opened a can of worms, but I don’t really want to get into the politics of BLM etc…


funny thing is I’m too lazy to go to my barber so I trim my own


I’ve tried many safety razors and nothing comes close to Feather Platinums. They are sharper and stay that way longer.


Anyone tells you to check your privilege, tell them you’re proud of the heritage of success you’re passing on to your children. I check on my privilege to make sure I don’t screw it up for my kids. Wouldn’t want to be the weak link in the chain that didn’t pass on the advantages I got.


Guys talking about dollar shave club and going to a barber and meanwhile I’m driving around with a 10 pack of disposable razors in my car for those mornings where I forget to shave and end up dry shaving in the parking lot before I go to work.

Where’s my commercial?



Not sure if anyone follows Paul Carter on FB, but he weighed in:

"I’m going to cut the jokes aside here for a tl;dr. No one reads anymore but that’s fine.

I absolutely abhor the term toxic masculinity because there’s truly no such thing. Which I’m going to expound on, and have done so before.

If you were asked to bake a cake, and looked at the ingredients, you’d probably understand that in order for the cake to rise, and have a certain texture, and taste good, that it would need all of those ingredients.

If you remove any of them, then the cake is not a cake. It’s a “tried to be cake…almost a cake.” But it’s not a cake at all.

Masculinity is made up of a set of values or virtues, that for the most part, will transcend across any culture. It’s the usual ones like honor, courage, strength, etc. Yes, those are masculine traits. Women can and do have these at times too. Show me a woman killing it in business and I will show you a woman working in her masculine energy.

For a man, the deeper and more difficult part, is his own ability to face internal adversity, and be totally in control at all times. Not to allow his emotions to control HIM.

When a man loses this center, he’s not working from a masculine space. When the insecurities that stem from a man’s wounds control him, he’s not centered.

That is the battle. Right there. That is the battle that men have to awaken to, and become warriors against. That inability to remain centered in the face of internal adversity.

Men don’t need to be told “do better” or “be better”. Especially from women. That literally serves no good purpose.

Show me a man struggling with his past, who is constantly wrestling with his demons, and I will show you a man that wants to be heard, wants to be unbroken, and wants to not feel shame.

Show me a man who didn’t know his father, or never knew the love and admiration of his father, or never felt like his father was proud of him, and I will show you a man that consistently overcompensates due to those wounds. He will behave like a boy, because the child inside him, that needed the security, love, and strength only a father can provide, is in pain about it.

Women…men don’t need to be told how awful they are. I’ve written this a thousand times, if you want a man to find his potential, to feel amazing about who he is, then speak power and encouragement into him and his life. You will watch him become an extraordinary man. A man who embraces honor, courage, commitment, truth, and internal strength.

Here’s where other men are actually failing. When men tell other men they are nancy boys for having feelings (or writing about them), then it causes a lot of emotional restriction, and a wounded man is already suffering from that as is. He knows what he “feels” but is often embarrassed to open up about it, articulate and express it.

The single worst thing you can do, is to try and push away an emotion. That literally just causes it to increase in intensity, and exacerbate unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Wounded men don’t enjoy feeling the way they do. They engage is dog shit behavior because of the self loathing and shame and pain they feel. And men, unlike women, are often chided by other “men” when they express these things.

Centered men, who have spent time unpacking their baggage, and being vulnerable and open, honest, about their wounds and their pain, are the ones that can lead men out of those horrific places. Not by telling them “gosh you suck, do better.” But by connecting with them through the identification of adversity, pain, struggles, and how they overcame it.

When Knights were wounded on the battle field, they had no problem calling for help, and then formed bonds with their healers, who helped them return home to their families and loved ones.

That is where the connection is between men. The strongest resonator between two people, is identification.

Trust me, when you’re in pain and another man can sit across from you, and give you authentic empathy and say “brother, I’ve been there. But I got you. I’m in this with you.” that is an enormous source of strength for a wounded man.

I’ve worked with a lot of men this past year. Many of whom have come to me with what has been deemed as “toxic” behavior.

They knew they were doing it. And here’s the thing, they hated how they felt, how they couldn’t connect with their partner because of it. They hated that they had self sabotaged so many aspects of their life due to trauma of their past. They hated that they resorted to porn, unruly behavior, lies, cheating, and at times self abuse.

Each and every one of these men wanted to be heard.

Wanted to feel like their pain mattered. To someone. ANYONE!

Wanted closure on a difficult past.

Wanted to stop repeating their cycle of sabotage and abuse.

The last thing I was going to tell them was to “do better, you low life toxic dickhead.” Why would I say that? They already felt that way!

The last thing I was going to tell them was to stop being a nancy boy and toughen the F up. Their whole life, that’s all they did for every problem. Toughened up on it. They were exhausted. Exasperated. Spent. Empty. Hollowed out. They felt isolated and alone. And utterly depressed.

I know what it feels like to live in those places. Which is why my heart constantly goes out to these men, who are struggling to find their center,…to just come to a real understanding of their own worth, and to develop a healthy sense of self esteem.

To help them understand that a tremendous strength comes from suffering. And that peace eventually arrives through necessary perseverance. Through the understanding that completeness arrives through those factors.

It’s not standing around holding hands singing kumbaya. It’s about connecting through adversity. It’s about good men leading other men out of those horrific places.

It sure the fuck isn’t about a commercial telling us how we need to “do better”."


“Check your privelage” definitely still lights a fire under my ass. Mainly when I hear it from young white chicks that are trying to be a part of the in crowd. I always understood that you never know what a person has gone through to reach the point they’re at.

But otherwise, yeah, I’m proud of my heritage. My elders have worked their asses off and has fought through thick and thin to get what they have. No privelage for me to check, just something to live up to.