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"The Best Men Can Be" Gillette Commercial


correct. welcome to marketing.

for sure. In that sense, I didn’t think this was well executed. The montage of clips was weird. I didn’t think it was a well produced ad in general. I’m just saying I think it did the thing they wanted to do.

And let’s be honest, when was the last time ‘Gillette’ came up in conversation for anyone? At the very least, it makes the brand relevant to culture in some way.

Next time I shave, maybe I’ll use a gillette blade!!

jk. i’ll never shave.


I guess time will tell. I’ll stick with the dollar shave club.


It’s not so much this commercial but the whole metoo/toxic masculinity thing which this is a part of. This ad is just another example of corporations and the media attacking straight men. This comment is worth repeating:


Can i sue Gillete for making me feel like a bad person? I have both facial hair and feelings.


It’s still down about $10/share too.


Vaguyna. That’s my new word for guys that respond to things like this by changing their behavior.


Its ok to attack majorities. It is never ok to attack minorities. That’s the rationale. As a Jew I am technically a minority, but as a straight white male I am a majority. This gives me the ability to be selective in my outrage and still get away with it. That’s how you game the system.


I’m pretty sure I score a zero on the identify politics victim scale… Any other tips.


I don’t know why but this reminded me of something from back when Grantland was a thing that Bill Simmons wrote.

'Why is there not a female equivalent of the term sausage party? The closet thing I can think of is a clam bake."

Shit still cracks me up.


I don’t know what Grantland was, but I agree with him.

I think it’s because a 20something guy walks into a party full of men and says to himself." great. A sausage party. ".

But women walk into the same scenario and are all " Yeah! Smelly Candles!".


Just pretend to be a minority. Ward Churchill went from unhireable academic to a noted “Native American Activist” by growing out his hair and putting it in a pony tail. Same with Elizabeth Warren, Shaun King (white guy passing as black), and that Rachel Dolezal (?) white lady who ended up an officer in the NAACP.

Minority privilege, baby.

You full blood honkies are screwed. Even the Jews (who are really screwed because asshole people hate them and they are largely white, so they are double fucked) get to tell the best jokes.


This is me. Mostly I thought it over-long and boring. Generally commercials are pretty snappy. Not this one!

Not sure who they’re marketing to, but like @flipcollar I just found it lame.


I suspect a combination of social media analytics and branding came up with this concept.

Which could possibly have worked but unfortunately the nufties here have equated celebrities raping people with commom and harmless behavour like wrestling in the park.

Unsurprisingly, this irks some people.


That… is… genius.



Thats me :joy:


She really pissed off a lot of Natives. Went to a meeting of the tribal leaders in my state (SD) and without even being connected to her most of them were pretty disgusted with her claims of Native ancestry (what was it? Like 1%?).


I had a brief period of time where being “the straight white male” got me all worked up. I kept hearing “it obviously doesnt apply to you if you dont follow the stigma” which I thought was a cop-out ass answer during confrontation… but it’s really true. I’m a dude. I’m white. I’m straight. I work a blue-collar-ish job. I live in a fucking suburb, I liked getting hammered and fighting at parties when I was younger, getting dirty as a kid. But… I never run into the issue of being “targeted” by anyone for my “privelage”. I get along with all walks of life, and brush pretty much everything off. Somewhere along the lines, events like this commercial stopped pissing me off, and generally just goes right over my head.

We’re in a time where everyone has to radically align to their beliefs. For whatever reason I’m not sure, but it doesnt seem to effect me with my current ethics and ideals.

Tldr; I dont really see a point in being offended. I think the commercials lame, but I’m also not the radical belief of straight white men, and people I meet seem to be aware of that vibe so… whatever, you do you, Gillette.


I don’t think it offended that many people, and it definitely didn’t raise my heart rate or anything. My reaction was more of an eye-rolling “here we go again with this nonsense”. There’s toxic behavior from men and women, but only the former gets any kind of significant cultural or social pressure put on it, and it is often just as misguided as this commercial was. They literally said “some men do [act right]”, which implies that many or even most don’t. That’s nonsense.

I’m not going to throw away my Gillette razor, not when I’ve got two cartridges left and I only use it on maybe 5 percent of my beard after I’ve shaped the lines, and only if I’m trying hard enough to want a close shave instead of the closest setting on my trimmer. I’m good for at least 2019 with those two. I probably won’t buy any more Gillette razors once my great razor buy of 2020 rolls around, but if they can get Dan Crenshaw’s endorsement I might bestow upon them my lucrative business once more.


Fuck Gillette.