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"The Best Men Can Be" Gillette Commercial


When my son’s went to Jr high I told them I would have their ass if they started a.fight But if someone put their hands on them first I expected a call from the principle over them kicking someone’s ass.



I fucking hate ads like this because they string together shit that makes no sense. Boys roughhousing and sexual assault are two entirely different things that have no relation to each other whatsoever. And yet, these things are presented in the ad as part of a package deal. Absolute idiocy. Boys will be boys. But, being male doesn’t equal being predatory.




“men playing basketsoccer”… “the best a genderqueer muslim athiest can get”… throwing shoes at people… this is very, very funny. Everyone should check this out. Post it in the things that make you chuckle section, it’ll get a lot of appreciation there.


I think that to prove that Gillette takes a strong stance against toxic masculinity that they should remove their name from Gillette Stadium, as Robert Kraft is a well known figure, that frequents the place fairly often, he seems to go against all that Gillette stands for. Take a stand, Gillette!

*tongue in cheek



You just gonna leave that there with no commentary? hahaha

Edit: The comments on that thread are gold, as you’d expect them to be


obvious joke is obvious:

“Go out there and slay some cake” is the more appropriate tag line

“Tharrrr she blows” is another


That was essentially the comments section + feminist outrage. Very entertaining. “You’re not a doctor! How do you know she’s unhealthy???” Well, she’s morbidly obese so it’s pretty likely she’s unhealthy, derp.


These are the same people who subscribe to IFLScience … gotta love scientism


Can someone this fat even use the razors?




The brunette … I’m automatically turned out by her wider hips


Gillette shit the bed once again.

A comment I found to be especially accurate:


Child bearing hips.

Oh no, now I’m a nazi. Cos she’s just a girl poor lil ol her and I won’t let her have any rights… OH oh… she’s had it up to here…