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"The Best Men Can Be" Gillette Commercial


I mean crazy shit is expected from PETA though … they’re pretty fringe even for vegans/vegetarians from what I understand


To be honest, I thought it was funny.


Oh for sure … most of the shit PETA puts it gets a chuckle outta me tbh



Soy is dangerous stuff, kind of like radiation. If you spend too much time in a yoga class you can become contaminated.


Yoga is awesome for activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, builds excellent core stability and helps one develop flexibility. I do yoga like once a week, what’s the problem with yoga?


How much soy do you eat in a day, on average?


They’re yoga averse - they think it makes you gay and that scares them.


All the soy. On average, of course…


Ha ha, Nothing wrong with yoga buddy. Just having a laugh. Don’t get me started on soy though:)


Yoga class does sound like it might be a good way to meet women. I do hate veganism and vegans though.


I feel you, I felt the same way.

I’m just trying to lower my impact on this environment, I’m not militant and shit, and I do eat a ribeye often.

But, I try to reduce my footprint by being plant based. I’m not a militant ass hole by any means, just trying to be better.


That’s the estrogen talking!


You keep responding so I am assuming it’s your estrogen that is the problem.


Estrogen is no problem when you’re a soy boy for life.


Thanks for giving us your expertise on the subject…At what age did you come to accept your high estrogen as being no problem? Are you truly a “soy boy for life”?


My oldest got on a little fight at daycare yesterday. When the teacher told me I chuckled and said, “Well, boys will be boys.” Ha!



Did he win?

(totally just kidding, but…)


I almost asked him that in front of her too :joy: