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"The Best Men Can Be" Gillette Commercial


Has anyone seen this? I’m curious as to your thoughts on it.


I saw it yesterday. I think it’s stupid. They want to feminize men, and at the same time blame all men for the actions of a few. Gillette razors are only good for shaving your pussy.


I think the idea that a man with facial hair as something bad is ludicrous.


That’s right, in order to combat toxic masculinity we have to not only behave like women but try to look like them as well.


Heard a bunch about it, but hadn’t seen it until now. It’s just as dumb as I was expecting.


I’m holding my breath for Tampax to release the female version of this hot garbage.


“Some already are”. [Acting the “right way”].

So much wrong with this commercial, but that line right there says it all. As if most men had no clue how to be a gentleman until Harvey Weinstein got exposed, the “things have changed/no going back” moment that the commercial refers to. Thanks Hollywood celebrities, I never knew being a scumbag was bad.

I’d like to see Revlon put out a commercial encouraging women not to be gold digging whores who keep their children from their fathers.

“Some already are”, but women need to hold other women accountable! Be the best a woman can get.


Only a small group of men act in such a boorish manner.

Just imagine if they released a broad brush commercial like this targeted at blacks or Jewish people, blaming all blacks for the acts of the few, or Jews for the acts of a few. (Or women, or whatever). There would be calls for resignations and the idiots who made the ad, as there should be.

It’s basic bigotry and sexism.

In the mean time, I will continue to never have shaved in my life. Even when I was in the military, I got away with a 3mm beard.


Man, I don’t even watch commercials when they’re on TV, and now you want me to do it on my free time?


Boys wrestling in the grass is fine too. No need to break up what was happening in the commercial.


I bet if you watch it on YouTube there will be an ad that plays in the beginning and another ad that plays halfway through the ad you want to watch.


This commercial has Triggered some strong reactions! Maybe the mods should remove it.


I’ve experienced much less outrage switching to Netflix.


Grow a beard or use a DE Safety razor. Nothing was ever ‘manly’ about overpaying for crappy razors that cut the hair under the skin which causes razor burn and general bad facial hygiene.

On the subject of this whole SJW nonsense. This will not help you sell razors. Alienating your customer base who doesn’t agree with your newfound view of morality by insulting the many with the actions of the few is how you lose customers, or votes if you catch my innuendo.


This reminds me of this article that came out when Matt Lauer was fired (posted below). It’s an opinion piece form CNN.

The article can be summarized by these two sentences taken as quotes from the writer: “Men shouldn’t just step down if they abuse their power and influence. They should also see their jobs taken by women who won’t do that.”

It’s a big problem that the actions of a few are now being transferred on to half of humanity simply because they also can grow facial hair and are heterosexual. It’s very hypocritical because many in the #metoo movement are progressives who (rightfully so) condemn racism and other forms of discrimination.

How can I (or you) be judged differently because CK Louis likes to masturbate in front of women? How come my actions suddenly have malicious and dangerous intent because Harvey Weinstein exchanged sex of for movie roles?


Lol, ya, a woman would NEVER do that. How do these people function with out a brain?


I’m running low on fucks, so Gillette doesn’t get any.


I think the response has been interesting. I saw it and just kind of thought ‘meh’. No vitriol, just that it fell kinda flat. To me it was very ‘safe.’ And I thought the reactions of ‘omg this is so beautiful, brought me to tears’ was weird. And that was coming from a lot of women.

Then, I heard the male reaction, and I found that to be equally strange. Guys saying this is degrading to men, feminizing men, etc. I didn’t pull that from the commercial.

IDK. I can’t get myself worked up over a lame ass commercial.

a couple thoughts on this.

  1. Nike ran a much more alienating, controversial ad campaign with the Colin Kapernick ads, and they’ve seen profit increases since then. So I don’t think that there’s any real potential for this ad to negatively affect Gillette’s bottom line.

  2. I would also like to see statistics on the ratio of men:women who actually purchase razors. I’ve heard that razor consumption for men overall is down significantly from what it was 10+ years ago. Whereas, women’s consumption should at least be the same. And I would THINK that women are just making that purchase in general more than men (because women still shop more than men across the board). And we already know that women’s razors cost more than men’s for the same product. Makes me think that the ad is very much targeted at women specifically, while pretending to be an ad directed at men. To that end, seems to be well executed.


When I first heard about this I immediately thought it was just their version of the Kapernick ad.

I tend to agree it’s not much to be worked up about. However, it’s pretty hypocritical considering we know they’d (not specifically Gillette) NEVER create an ad like this geared towards all the Caddy bitches of the world. It’s an annoying double standard.

And kids wrestling in the grass is toxic masculinity? Pretty silly.


I agree with some of your points. My underlying point is that by telling people they are wrong for something they believe to be true because you believe otherwise, even if you are right, only creates cognitive dissonance for them which in turn causes them to take it out on the messenger.

It is traditionally a practice that is taught in sales and marketing to be avoided. Nike purposely did something to strike up a controversy as the publicity, both positive and negative was the equivalent of multiple hundreds of millions of would be ad spend. It wasnt the message that boosted sales, it was the planned controversy. Also their stock tanked that day. The best thing that ad ever did was create some fantastic memes.