The Best Lifts for High Frequency Training?


I recall a podcast where you said the military press is better than the bench for high frequency training. You also said chin ups can be done everyday. I found my pen minor and shoulder mobility worsenened with high frequency bench and lower back took a beating with high frequency back squat and deadlifting.

which versions of the big lifts are the best for high frequency training? (ie back squat vs front, sumo vs clean grip, military vs bench, etc…)

Military press
Power clean
Power snatch
Front squat

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Ya I recall Klokov saying he will front squat 5x a week and back squat once.

I think you could pendlay or seal row everyday too.

could you write exercises that are bad for training with high frequency?

Obviously its different for everyone but Poliquin wasnt a fan of high frequency deadifting and back squatting at the same time due to frying the lower back thus impeding both lifts.

Pendlay row definetly, Seal row a bit less because of the greater stretch

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