▶️ The Best Landmine Exercises For Explosive Strength

There’s a new way to train for explosive strength: Landmine exercises. Specifically, the ones suitable for ballistic performance. Watch these exercises, then get detailed instructions at T-Nation.com.

Merrick Lincoln DPT and Mike Over

00:00 Best Landmine Exercises For Explosive Strength
00:11 Landmine Mid-Thigh Pull
00:26 Landmine Clean Pull
00:44 Landmine Hang High Pull
01:05 Split Jerk
01:24 Landmine Rotational Hang Clean
01:50 Landmine Rotational Clean
02:00 Landmine Rotational Clean & Single-Arm Press
02:10 Landmine Rotational Clean & Jerk
02:23 Landmine Front-Facing Hang Clean
02:42 Landmine Hang Muscle Snatch
02:58 Landmine Single-Arm Clean and Press
03:09 Landmine Jump Squat
03:29 Landmine Explosive Windmill
03:44 Landmine Push Press