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The Best Health Care System?


Considering all of the interest in health care, perhaps it would be worthwhile to describe the "BEST" system possible. It seems that lots of people are willing to yell about what does not (or will not) work- in their opinions. But here is the simple question:

How should the health care be delivered in the US??



I'm not exactly sure, but over the years the more the government has gotten involved, the worse healthcare has been.


By the free market choice of free individuals.

Ever seen 'Jurassic Park' and what happens when humans try to impose systems on living things?

The lessons of a simple movie like that still escapes you socialist totalitarians...


OK- but that does not answer the question. So- NO gov't involvement???



The less government involved the better the health care.


How has the gov, involved it self in health care ?


That's the best you've got. Jurassic Park?!?! Fiction?!?! What's next? Our military should be based on the Rambo movies?

Jeez- stay on task here.



You are joking right?


And while we're at it I want to know about the absolute BEST weight training program in the world.


Which ever is approved by the Department of "We know What's Best For You".


I find it funny that people can buy their own clothing, food, furniture, homes, computers, cars, etc...but when it comes to health care -- oh, now we need a "system" in place to distribute it.

Why not have a food system, a furniture system, or even a car system if we are supposedly so incompetent that we cannot even decide what is best for us.

The best system is the "I" system. I like this so a I will choose this. It works perfectly, even when we accidentally choose incorrectly.

The free market distributes everything fairly.


What difference does it make if Chaos Theory is presented in a popular movie?

And then, show me a modern totalitarian system which has made life better for the people that have to live under such? Even the Chi-Comms finally realized that planned societies are bogus. They had to bring in free markets to keep from starving!

Government-run healthcare will turn out as well as public schools, welfare, Social Security, Medicare, and the Post office.




I'm gonna answer your question with a question. Steriods have proven to help people with AIDS from wasting away. So if they can help sick people, how come you can by then over the counter in Thailand but not America?


Lets see, the things that I know from across the Atlantic without looking anything up.-

You may not insure yourself across state boundaries.

Yourr insurance must contain a lot of state mandated therapies, including massage therapy, not just those you actually want.

Health insurance has been linked to holding a job because companies can deduct the expenses fully whereas individuals can not.

Insurance companies cannot collectively bargain for cheaper meds? Not quite sure on that one.

Any ideas what I might find if I actually researched this for 10 minutes or so? The US system is a highly regulated system that has very little to do with a free market.


We agree to that point


Problem is the INS. Co.s blocks some people from getting INS. If you get sick they cancel your INS.

They over charge which is called profit, that profit can be had by disallowing claims unrightfully, fucking people around until they die , dropping coverage on sick people .

We had a lady in our local paper that was bite by a rattlesnake as I recall the bill was over 50 thousand dollars, the INS co paid like 6 thousand dollars. The whole mess needs some looking into by someone with clout.


INS. industry is very much free market.And what regulates our health care are the INS. Companies.


If they did not they would have to charge you and everyone else more because you are an increased risk -- i.e., you use more services but don't pay any more for it than anyone else. For example, should severely obese people pay the same for coverage that a more lean, healthy person who is active and takes charge of his own healthy lifestyle? Should a smoker pay the same rates as a non-smoker?

Without the ability to profit you would not have ANY medical care whatsoever. You do not see the real problem is these companies were forced to insure anyone in the first place which results in expensive non-existent care for everyone. If you think the government can provide care to everyone without a cost (in terms of diminished health care to all and expense to those who will have to pay for it) you are sadly mistaken.

Yeah, I am sure those people you think have clout are the "unselfish" bureaucrats that do everything out of the goodness of their own hearts and do not have any motivations to do bad whatsoever, right?

I agree the system is a mess. That is fascism for you. I prefer free markets over fascism -- and especially free markets over socialism.


I wish I knew how to answer line by line.

INS. Companies are making the same decisions that you are claiming our GOV. has no right to make

As far as needing profit to run a Company is true but we have public utilities, could you imagine if the public utilities expected the same kind of profits as the INS companies?

No I do not think our Bureaucrats are all honorable. But at least they are not driven by bottom line only

You call a public health program FASCISM.You are wrong, I think you are making claims that you will not be able to defend. That is when I called you a pussy because you would defend a position I thought indefensible