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The Best has Fallen




I kinda like Lesnar, but I was more surprised when Fedor lost.


It's sports, the best always fall and are eventually replaced.




In a perfect world,it would have been Fedor dominating Brock not Cain.


Not sure how he is the best, but even as surprised as I was because of Cane. I could see how being able to punch the guy that had beat me 2-3 times in four years would allow Cane to win.


Fuck Fedor, I wanted to see the kid that came out of ASU beat some ass, and he did and surprisingly won.


Brock's stand up game is absolutely horrendous and he can't take a punch. If they ever fight again, the only shot Brock will have is if he gets him to the ground quickly and actually keeps him there.


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I WAS NINJA'D! I used to hate Lesnar, but after that choke on Carwin he won me over as neutral to him. I said "The beast has fallen." but I got ninja'd by a mod into best. By no means would I call him the best, either.



If by "best" we mean best money-maker for the franchise...