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The Best Full-Body Workout


Here's your situation:

You're aloud to workout three days a week, but each day has to be the exact same workout. This workout that you continuously perform is the only workout you will be able to do for the rest of your life. You're aloud a maximum of 5 lifts / exercises in the workout, no more.

What would your full-body workout be? Would like to see some peoples choices of exercises, any input would be nice. Cheers!


clean and Press
Front squat

Done in a h-l-m format varying the reps and the %'s lifted.


1) EZ bar curls
2) 25lbs DB curls
3) Cable curls
4) Cable tri extensions (for variety)

and of course
5) SRCs

Shouldn't this be in GAL?


As you get stronger and continue to perform full body workouts and you're doing some serious exercises, you'll either have to cycle the intensity by 1) cycling the weights so you have an H-L-M format as explained above with percentages or amount of reps, or 2) create a H-L-M format by varying exercises that have different stresses on the body.

For example, for legs on heavy day, you can do deadlifts on medium days front squats, and light days lunges.

I never understood hypothetical, theoretical, and unrealistic posts, but if people care to talk about those sorts of things, fine. It's just that anyone with a barbell wouldn't even need to do the same exercises over and over and over again, such as in the example for legs I give here.




1) Squat
2) Deadlift
3) Bench Press
4) Press
5) Pull-ups

Obviously if I was limited to 5 exercises it would be basically all compound exercises. I wonder what's the reason behind asking this question?


I was thinking something like:

  • Snatch High-Pulls
  • Pull-Ups / Chin-Ups
  • Front or Back Squats (ATG)
  • Incline Bench Press
  • Pendlay Rows

Hits the whole body pretty well in my opinion, and is a fairly good ratio of pulling to pushing (3:1) so you're unlikely to end up with shoulder impingements or bad posture.


I know its not very realistic, but its good to see what other people consider their best 'bang for your buck' exercises. Can never be too old or too experienced to try out some new stuff and learn from what others have found worked for them. I'm never literally going to do the same 5 exercises for the rest of my life, I'm just curious to see what others might share. I'm no 'expert' in weight training, so there's plenty of room for experimenting and learning.


Deadlift - Posterior Chain focus
Front Squat - Antrerior Chain focus
Pull Up - Pull
Jammer Press - Push
Bulgarian Split Squat - unilateral movement

Anything that covers all basic gross movements...


Eat , rest, sleep.
You are on survival mode on your desert island so also do safe stuff, push up, think to plan ahead.
Who said there was a gym, i missed that.


warmup with some light oh squats, possibly power snatch it in postion
power clean/and or push press
back squat
finish with cardio like mowing the lawn
Then have a Joe Weider mega mass 5000 drink???







Incline Press
DB rows
stiff-leg DL
hack squat


I may have misread but I didn't see belted straight bar squat rack cheat curls in your list


need baggy pants and a big geto blaster


Don't forget to work out your legs too! Some ultra heavy quarter squats should do...:wink:


and extra medium wifebeaters


but seriously
snatch grip deadlifts from deficit
rack pulls
front squats
ring muscleups

is this in GAL yet?