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The Best Fibrous Carbs for Cutting?


Carbs/cals per 100gms too, please!


Why would you care about the carbs or calories in vegetables? Just eat some freakin' broccoli.


I think broccoli is very filling, and asparagus makes me pee like a racehorse. Just eat them.


For real the cals in vegetables is ridiculously low anyways.

A cup of broc and cauliflower is like 30 cals and 5g of carbs


psyillium husk


Getting that technical is irrelevant. Just make good choices, from foods that your body agrees with/responds well too.

What's your goal? What plan are you going to follow to get there? Are you going low carb? If not then starchy carbs like potatoes are fine in moderation. Many others have good suggestions like broccoli and such.


this, i add two teaspoons to every shake i drink. does wonders for the digestive system


My problem so far has been defining what the fuck a 'carb' is. My oat/whey breakfast adds up to 35gms of carbs. (it weighs a LOT more than 35gms, and I'll tell you why I make that distinction). Now, I need to ingest a further 65 gms of carbs per day, and no more, to ensure my cutting is going well.

So, do I...

1) Eat a selection of foods (whether starchy or fibrous) whose carb c contents add up to 65gms;


2) Eat 75gms of foods that contain carbs - so if Broccoli is 5gms carbohydrates per 100gms, eat 75gms of Broccoli and ignore the fact that I seem to be getting only 3.75gms of carbs from it?

See the confusion?


So you are eating 100g of carbs a day, it seems? Just count the carbs that are starchy, fruit, or in your workout drink. So if you have oats/whey, have a cup of rice or a sweet potato post-workout. That gets your around 100g per day. Have veggies whenever, don't worry about them.


Thanks. Now, this "cup" of rice, how many mgs is that? I measure out my food, so I need to know how big a cup we're talking about.

Edit - an online calculator makes that around 190gms, -/+ 10, does that seem correct?




A cup is a customary unit of measurement. Do you not own a measuring cup?


oh no not this again lolz


Yes I do, I'm actually owner a wholesaler for several manufacturers of them. I shift about a thousand pallets or so per week, and sometimes I go into the warehouse myself to perform random inspections of their measuring capacity.


I really don't think counting green, fibrous veggies is worth it. I eat the same amount every day..so it's just a constant variable..I might be consuming more calories than I think/count, but it doesn't matter because the amount of veggies are a constant. Therefore, my baseline zero is just higher..if that makes sense. Same goes for fish oil and condiments. I use the same amount day in, day out..therefore I treat them as constants and don't count them.


They'll make you kinda bloated if you eat a ton, but brussels sprouts are fantastic, a pound of them has something like 100 calories, and LOADS of fiber, you can look that up. I drizzle olive oil on them, then bake at 400 for 40minutes, or until they looked slightly blackened/crispy


Cruciferous veggies are the shi'ite. Very versatile superfoods. Baked, steamed, boiled raw. Hit em with lemon, garlic, evoo or melted butter, salt and pepper, maybe even a little feta or parm. Delicious cut meal if you use low fat cheese.