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The Best Exercises?


What do you think is the absolute best excercises for:

  1. Legs
  2. Back
  3. Chest
  4. Shoulders


What's your body type?


No, I want to know your favourite excercises..

  1. Legs front squat
  2. Back DL/pull ups
  3. Chest flat DB bench
  4. Shoulders push press


1) Squat
2) DL/Chin ups
3) Weighted Dips/Weighted Chain Pushups
4) Military press


1.) Curls
2.) Cheat Curls
3.) The 300 workout
4.) Curls


you forgot the assisted benchpress.


  1. Back squats
  2. Deadlifts:
  3. Slight Incline bench
  4. Military Press


No, that's a full-body exercise. I mean, between spotting and benching you get a chest and back workout. I don't do legs cauz when I'm at the beach I just stay in the water to my waist.


1) Back squats
2) Deadlifts
3) DB bench presses
4) Muscle clean and presses (work front and back of shoulders)


1) Snatch
2) Snatch
3) Dips
4) Snatch


But you gotta come out of the water to take a girl home, right? That's why I bench with my ass in the air. It's a great leg and glute workout, too!

  1. Back or Front Squats
  2. Pullups
  3. Dips
  4. Military Press

but I'd never focus on just 4 exercises so I'll add snatches, db bench, inclines, chinups, rack chins, deadlifts, lunges

  1. FSQ
  2. DL
  3. DB D-Cline BP
  4. Push-Press


1.back squat
3.barbell bench press
4.military press-strict-

seriously best is just preference there are a lot of 'good' exercise for the following muscles.

  1. higher rep back squats
  2. rack dead lifts and rack chins
  3. neck press
  4. seated behind the neck press

Those as of now are the most effective for me.


No, no. He didn't ask what you put in your mouth.

  1. Legs

The real answer? The one you can do consistently. For many this is leg press. But I would have to say lunges. Back squats if you can get to parallel or lower are great but nothing gets my legs feeling pumped faster than lunges. Geeez I hate lunges. But they're very good.

  1. Back

Toss up between deadlifts and seated row.

  1. Chest

Incline Db Press supersetted with Cable press.

  1. Shoulders

Arnold Press supersetted with Lat Raises.


it all depends on ur goals

if ur an athlete, then back squatting and deadlifting may aggravate ur back

however, if ur a bber then those may b the most important lifts to practice.

again it all depends on ur goals


1- Front Squats or Walking BB LUnges (just started these and OUCH!)
2- DB Deads (you get a better scapular squeeze at the top)
3- Low Incline DBs (bout 30 degrees)
4- DB Laterals